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Face Wash Cleanser For Dry Skin

Dry Skin Face Wash is not only a face wash cleanser for dry skin, but is skin care beneficial for all skin types in developing and maintaining healthy, vibrant and moisturized skin. It is a gentle, cream-based herbal cleanser that does not use harmful surfactants. It uses and was developed with botanical extracts such as aloe, hydrolyzed silk proteins, and Olefin to provide mild cleansing without stripping moisture.

Using a cream-based wash is an excellent way to combat dryness, flaking, tightness or inflammation. While most face washes are clear liquids, they can be harsh and leave your complexion stripped of natural oils. In a way, that's what their function clean your face. The problem exists that their function is not to leave tissue smooth and soft and hydrated.

Nourish's Dry Skin Face Wash was developed specifically for providing you both - deep cleaning of pores and moisturizing...a two-in-one solution that provides cleaning and the hydrating benefits of a complexion cream.

A Unique Cream-Based Cleanser soothes dryness & replenishes hydration

It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and uses herbal extracts to deep cleanse your skin – with a wonderful invigorating aroma.

  • Mild cleanser great for all skin types
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Healing abilities
  • Reduces fine line and wrinkles

Dry Skin Face Wash contains a flower extract called Calendula that is native to the Mediterranean. The Calendula is often confused with common Marigolds. Calendula helps reduce inflammation and fights bacteria, stimulates the production of collagen, lessens the appearance of wrinkles and hydrates the skin.

The Calendula flower benefits are not limited to skin care. Calendula is actually edible - often used in salads, cooked foods, and have even dried and used as a tea or as mouth gargles and rinses for sore throats.

Silk protein, also called Sericin, has water-binding properties and adds protection and healing properties. Silk protein is an excellent skin softener that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and has been commonly used both in HealthyHairPlus skin care and hair care products alike. It is an especially useful ingredient in products that firm skin.

Aloe has been used as a versatile ingredient for its natural soothing and healing properties. Aloe juice and extract have become key ingredients for skincare companies.Its ability to heal the skin is amazing and when combined with other natural ingredients, Aloe can replenish new healthy skin cells keeping your skin beautiful and new.

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