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Choose the Best Shampoo for Women's Hair Loss & Thinning

One of the most common problems women with thinning hair face is how to choose the best shampoo and related products. Women and men can find many products and shampoo that treat thinning hair, but finding the best ones requires a little work to determine what the core problem is, and which product(s) best treats it.

No single product can treat all of the different kinds of hair loss, and each person has specific needs that may require different kinds of treatment. In most cases, a combination of products - shampoo, conditioner, hair vitamins - is necessary to ensure optimal results.

To best frame this problem and find a solution, it makes sense to break down the components in the decision making process. They should include:

  • First, determine the cause of the thinning hair and what treatment plan addresses it.
  • Next, find the shampoo, or products, that best treat the cause for the thinning.
  • Finally, find the best supplements to build your treatment plan for success.

What is causing the thinning hair, and what is the best plan to treat it?

For men, male pattern baldness is a common culprit for hair thinning and loss. Women can experience hair loss during pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, or as a result of dirt or chemical buildup on the root; therefore a hair loss shampoo for women generally requires a different formulation.

Some of the other issues that can lead to thin hair are medical treatments such as chemotherapy, stress, depression and poor diet. At least thirty common problems can lead to hair loss. The important aspect in this assessment is to figure out whether the problem is genetic, environmental, or if it is related to other health issues.

After determining if the problem is genetic, or caused by something else, the next step is to create a treatment plan that covers all aspects of the cause. Consider male pattern baldness. To successfully treat male pattern baldness, a plan should include a treatment to eliminate the negative effects of DHT, remove sebum and other toxins from the scalp, and provide nutrition to the hair so that it can flourish.

hair growing shampoo, such as Awaken & Replenish can be helpful by helping block DHT in the hair and scalp and by encouraging blood flow to the scalp - increasing nutrient delivery.

What products will treat the problem the best?

Continuing with the example of male pattern baldness, the next step is to select the specific products that will create the best opportunity for the treatment’s success. Scalp treatments that inhibit, or destroy DHT are a great start. It is important to select a treatment that also cleans the scalp and follicles, and improves circulation.

Another option is to treat the symptoms; specifically, thin, fine, thinning and hair that is experiencing loss can be made to look and feel more vibrant and thicker by using hair thickening products to enlarge the follicles. In some cases, these products may in fact address women's or men's hair loss, they generally provide cosmetic thickness - which is not a bad thing regardless. A hair thickening shampoo can often do both.

Most often the best shampoo for women's hair loss or thinning provides topical vitamins, some DHT blocking capability, and often ingredients such as fenugreek or zinc - both are often used to relieve stress symptoms and invigorate scalp circulation caused by hormonal changes.

What else should be done to improve the chance for success?

At this point, it would also be wise to consider vitamin supplements that will help to generate hair growth.

Some herbal supplements such as saw palmetto also assist with hair growth. When choosing supplements, knowing which vitamins and herbs will treat specific problems is important to complete the treatment plan. Hair vitamins like Hair Nutrition Vitamins provide a supplement to the diet often needed by many women - B12, B6, B3 (Biotin), Niacin and amino acids - that all improve hair growth and address fundamental causes of hair loss and thinning. Also, women should consider hair loss shampoo and conditioner with Minoxidil.

The final consideration is to make sure that one’s overall health is good. A proper diet and healthy environment will help. With a knowledge of what the specific problem causing hair thinning is, a plan in place to treat it, the best product and supplements chosen to treat the problem, and a commitment to maintaining the treatment, further hair thinning can be prevented, and existing hair can be made healthier.
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