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Chin And Neck Exercises To Firm Your Neckline

First let’s think about what causes the skin on your chin and neck to sag. The short answer is aging and perhaps weight fluctuation. The more detailed answer is that as skin ages, it loses its moisture and its elastic properties. It does not spring back to its original position as it once did.

Another fact of aging is that cells are regenerated at a slower pace. Young cells will do their job, die and become replace by other young, healthy cells. Older cells will do their job slower, die and are replaced at a slower rate. This means the old cells are sticking around for a while. Here is some advice and exercises to firm your neckline and reduce sagging and wrinkles while helping tone your muscles. The result is that you see wrinkles on your neck and upper-chest area.

Options for Smoother, Younger Looking Skin
To reverse the damages of time you have several options. Most people will try to avoid plastic surgery because it is invasive and costly. There may be a time when that is the only option left, but before you take such a drastic step, there are several other things you may try. These can surprise you in their effectiveness and should be a prerequisite before any surgery is even attempted.

There are exercises that will give your skin a lift and a wonderful work-out. Also, regular use of a cream for neck wrinkles can help tighten the sagging tissue and supplement any kind of "neck workout" you choose.

Exercise Your Chin And Neck
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The chin and neck are two areas most people never think about needing exercise. When you begin your total body work-out, does your waist not get smaller? Your upper arms tighten and the flab becomes firm. Your abdominal muscles pull in the excess skin to give you a tighter looking abdomen. Why would your chin and neck be any different? They are part of the same integument system as your skin on your upper arms and your abdominals.

Focus on the Wrinkles and Sagging

Here are some exercises you can do that will help to firm the epidermis on your chin and neck. These are easy and take only a short amount of time. Sit in a chair – you can do this while watching TV – with your back in a vertical position.

Pretend you are chewing by opening and closing your mouth very slowly. Make sure you close your mouth tight enough for your teeth to be in contact with each other. Do twenty repetitions of this every day. This combined with using a cream, lotion or serum is a great way to prevent neck wrinkles from occurring. These exercise and products are also helpful if you begin to see the dreaded "double chin". Strengthening muscle and toning in the neck can can many firming products, but your best bet is to watch your weight and caloric intake. Click here for more neck exercises.

What Muscles Are Affected?

Next, pretend you have a huge under bite and push your lower jaw out. Leave it there to the count of ten. Repeat this several times. To get more out of this exercise, tilt your head in different directions when you do this. It will stress your platysma muscle from all sides and help to tighten it.

The platysma together with the mentalis and depressor anguli oris muscles will take the slack out of your chin and neck once these muscles tighten. The anguli oris muscle stretches from under your chin to the side of your lips. It lies on top of the platysma which covers the front and sides of your neck.

The mentalis muscle is situated in the middle of your chin. By tilting your head backward, to look at the sky, purse your lips toward heaven as far as you can and hold this position to the count of ten. You will see results after a couple of weeks.

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