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Cellulite | Causes and Treatment

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin affliction generally described as an ‘orange peel’ or ‘dimpling’ appearance on the thighs, buttocks or sometimes in the lower abdomen stomach and hips areas of women who are otherwise healthy.

In many cases, cellulite can be managed or eliminated with an effective cellulite cream. Though some men may encounter this problem, nearly 98% of cellulite cases occur in women. The uppermost layer of subcutaneous fat is known as “standing fat cell chambers” and is separated by connective tissue.
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Small projections of fat cells protruding into the dermis creating an unevenness or irregularity of the subcutaneous fat make the skin bumpy in appearance.
This is called cellulite. What causes this phenomenon is largely observed in women because the skin structure of men is different particularly in the thigh and buttocks region.

Hormonal differences between men and women, the menstrual cycle of women etc. are also probable causes for the higher incidence of cellulite in women. This is why cellulite causes and treatment are so important, the earlier you catch it the easier it is to treat.

Two types of Cellulite

The first type of cellulite is from any ‘compression’ or ‘pinch’ of tissues in the buttocks or thighs. As an example the ‘mattress’ look on your thighs, particularly when seated with cross legs can be associated with cellulite.


The fat cell chambers under the skin is considered responsible for this and is gender typical to almost all women. The second type is the orange peel or mattress appearance a woman may have in her natural posture or while lying down.

Connective tissue

The connective tissue provides necessary insulation and stability between the various organelles, enabling their proper function without inhibiting the adjacent structures. Its composition primarily is of collagen, an inelastic tissue having great tensile strength providing the skin its ability to extend and return to normal.

Cellulite and obesity

While obese people can have a more pronounced cellulite development, those with less fat and more muscular definition only tend to have cellulite of a lower visibility. Obesity by itself, is therefore not the cause of cellulite.

Common misconceptions

There are several misconceptions on cellulite which have been popularized through the media. It is essential to understand that cellulite is not a disease. Cellulite is not caused by damaged blood vessels either. Decreased circulation in the subcutaneous area or weakening of capillaries too does not cause cellulite.

A hypothesis that cellulite results from the body’s lack of lypolytic responsiveness or the ability to break down fat cells to be used as fuel too has not found any scientific support as yet.

For effective cellulite treatment and remedies, look for a cellulite cream product with deep moisturizers that heal and treat the skin.

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