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Causes of Spider Veins on the Nose

There are many different things that can cause spider veins on nose. They can occur from your feet to your face and most place in between. Some people are predisposed to get them and others get them because of their job or lifestyle. Here is some more information of how you can get spider veins on your nose and what you can do to cure them.


Half of the people who suffer from spider veins do because either mother had them. Weak veins can be passed down from generation to generation.


There are two main things what can cause spider veins during pregnancy, hormones and weight gain. Hormones often cause weight gain so it is normal for a women to develop spider veins in her last trimester or in the first year after the child is born. Weight gain causes abnormal pressure on the vein walls causing them to tear. These rips are spider veins, they can also be caused by the pressure of the birth.

Being On Your Feet

Standing for hours at a time in one place is terrible for your legs. It causes pressure to develop and your veins to split over long periods of time. Since you are not moving the veins are constricted leading to huge amounts of stress on the vein wall. When you walk around the movement keep the pressure down.

Personal Injury

It is common to get spider veins after a car accident or any blunt force trauma. When the skin bruises heavily it causes the blood to pool due to the small veins in that area rupturing. Once the vein wall is weakened in this fashion you are three times more likely to get spider veins.

Personal Wellness

Spider veins can occur from a number of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, or stroke. Once a persons blood pressure gets above a certain level it can cause major health issue, but one minor health issue if can cause is spider veins. The tiny thread veins are not made for high pressure so they split or tear to relieve the pressure.

How to treat spider veins on your nose

Spider veins on the nose are common. They can be caused from over exposure to the sun, high blood pressure, traumatic injury, rosacea or genetic predisposition. These veins show up as tiny red line on and around the nose. Alcohol and spicy food have been know to make them worse. Allergies can also play a role in them as well, constant sneezing can lead to stress of the nasal passages cause nose bleeds or spider veins.

The easiest way to treat nose spider veins is by using a cream with high amounts a cream with vitamin k in it. Vitamin K clots the blood causing the veins to stop bleeding helping them heal and close in just a few weeks.
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