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Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

There are numerous causes of hair loss in women. Sometimes loss is the result of a medical condition, such as scalp psoriasis or an iron deficiency. Women often experience loss after pregnancy as a result of hormones that affect the cycle of hair growth. Some women also experience loss for the same hormonal changes that cause male pattern baldness. In many cases, however, it is the grooming habits of a woman that will cause loss. For these causes, loss will stop when the habit is stopped.

Heat Styling And Blow Drying

Many women damage their hair on a daily basis by heat styling it. Heat is quite damaging because it dries it out and makes it more brittle, which can cause it to break off. The heat from blow dryers is damaging, as are heated irons for curling or straightening. Hot rollers are also damaging to hair. Blow drying is also stressful to the strands, especially if a diffuser is not used. Blow drying on a high setting causes the hair to blow wildly, which can cause it to fall out or break off. To prevent loss as a result of blow drying and heat styling, air dry your hair whenever possible. Use low heat and power when you do blow dry. If using heated styling aids, use a hair product, such as a leave in conditioner, which will help prevent drying and damage, resulting in less hair loss.

Harsh Shampoos And Scalp Scrubbing

Many shampoos contain cleansing agents called surfactants. While surfactants do a great job of cleansing hair, they also strip it of its protective oil coating. This causes it to become more dry and brittle, making it prone to breakage. Mild shampoos are just as capable of cleansing dirt and excess oil from your scalp, and they are less damaging. Many shampoos contain moisturizing ingredients as well; these shampoos will cleanse and seal moisture into to prevent damage leading to loss.
Scrubbing your scalp too vigorously when shampooing can cause breakage. While you may think you are helping your hair by scrubbing it free of dirt and oil, you could actually be hurting by pulling it out or causing it to break. A gentle massaging of the shampoo is sufficient to remove excess scalp oil, and the shampoo will run down the length of the strand to remove dirt and oil. Excessive scrubbing is not necessary to cleanse, and it can cause hair loss.

Brushing Rather Than Combing Wet Hair

Another preventable cause of loss is brushing your hair when it is wet. When wet it is heavy and often tangled. A brush will pull at the tangles, resulting in torn and pulled out hair. When it’s dry, these broken hairs will often fall out, and you may notice the excess shedding. Wet hair should be gently combed with a wide-toothed comb. By starting at the ends where the tangles are, gently comb through tangles until they are gone, and then comb from the top of your head through the ends. If hair is prone to excessive tangling, use a detangling product that will help the comb glide easily through your locks. This is a much more gentle way to comb out wet hair, and will result in the loss of fewer strands.
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