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Causes of Hair Loss

Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss
Microscopic Hair Loss Analysis can help identify the causes of hair loss by determining stress, chemical imbalance, dirt or bacteria or accumulation of DHT! Find the cause...treat the cause of your hair loss!

Losing your hair? Hair loss has many causes. Finding the cause of hair loss allows you to use today's top products to the causer. That's right at the hair line as well as on the crown.

Losing hair is scary and it can be traumatic. Using hair regrowth products can help to stimulate growth once the causes have been identified. You can fight baldness. What was once thick has now become thin because of various causes. There are many effective natural treatments to allow the follicles to be healthy again. You can also use hair growth systems. For example, Nioxin System 2 is a great hair growth system for thinning hair.

The majority of the customers that have used our service are losing hair from 5 major causes.

The causes are:

  • DHT
  • Sebum build up on the bulb and on the shaft
  • Stress and circulation associated with stress
  • Hair nutrition (matrix cell reproduction is needed for the hair to grow up and out the head)
  • Deep Dirt on the reproduction part of the hairs
Determining the cause of your hair loss! ... Allowing you to treat the cause!

Want to find out what causes hair loss? Here are some more of the causes of hair loss in men and women:

trichoptilosis, trichorrexhis nodosa, trichonodosis, alopecia areata, seborrheic dermatitis, piedra, plugged follicle, telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, latrogenic alopecia, traction alopecia, trichokryptomania, septic foci alopecia, menopausal alopecia, depression, physical stress, emotional stress, chronic psoriasis, chemotherapy, folliculitis decalvans, chemical hair loss from cosmetic treatments, post natal alopecia and others.

Hair has been called the barometer of the body. It is fickle but most probably there are things that can be done to help stop your thinning or hair loss. As of yet there is no one pill that can cure hair loss but using a realistic approach that attacks the cause of your hair loss can give you very favorable results.

The products that we discuss are typically are natural. Just as Saw Palmetto has helped men that suffer from enlarged prostate there are natural products that have been proven to be more effective than chemicals such as Propecia at fighting DHT in men and women. Typically it takes a combination of products to help with your issue. The cost per month for product solutions is usually that of a good dinner.

If you are not sure what is causing your hair loss our microscopic hair loss analysis can help determine what the cause is and we can also discuss products that have worked in the past for similar situations. We cannot guarantee that they will work for yours.

Don't lose your head!

Determine the cause and treat the cause of your hair thinning or loss.

Deep dirt, heavy sebum build up, DHT, fungus, hair diseases, stress and hair nutrition can be causing your problem. Hair regrowth is not really regrowth since it has not really died in most cases. The hair has just become extremely thin. Re-thickening already existing thinning appears as regrowth

Hair loss that occurs on the days after a lot of intercourse or ejaculation! This usually denotes that the body is lacking certain nutrition including proteins that are made up of amino aicds. L-lysine will help this kind of hair loss. However we strongly suggest using a complete hair vitamin such as Hair Nutrition hair vitamins.

One of the main reasons is that the herbs have no side effects like Propecia and Rogaine! Yet, many of the herbal ingredients have been tested to be more effective at fighting hair loss than Propecia or Rogaine! A hair loss shampoo using herbal extracts can work extremely well to fight male balding and to provide needed nutrients needed for normal hair development.products to treat causes of hair loss below

Here is a list of herbs that work well:

  1. Fenugreek
  2. Ivy Burdock
  3. Saw Palmetto

Surprisingly, hair loss is not just something that happens because of a gene from your mother’s side. It is time to quit blaming all the moms out there for problems that are out of there control. Some of the reasons for hair loss are:

  • Sebum/Dirt Build Up
  • Hormonal
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • DHT accumulation
When you shampoo your hair it is important to give your head a good scrub and use a clarifying shampoo. You should wash your hair twice. The first shampoo will help take away the dirt, pollution or product build-up in the hair.

The second shampoo, a hair loss shampoo, will actually clean the shaft of the hair and strip away any oils or bacteria from the scalp while promoting hair growth, and stimulating blood vessels and capillaries. If you do not follow these steps you could suffer from a sebum or dirt build up.

When people think of hormones they are not normally thinking about hair loss. Unfortunately, anytime you are going through time of hormonal changes you could experience hair loss. It is important to always be aware of your body. Usually once you start to experience these types of changes be prepared to have various types of hair loss.

Stress. Wow, this is a big one! There is not much one can do about stress. Unfortunately by the time we start to see ourselves losing hair due to stress it is normally 3-4 months after the stressful time has passed. Anytime you are going through a rapid amount of hair loss due to stress then you can generally mark a calendar three months prior and pinpoint a very stressful time in your life. It is best for you if you try and calm down, relax and take a load off.

I do not know very many people in this day and age that eat very nutritionally. Most people go from fast food to fast food. People are not eating to grow healthy hair and nails. Nutrition is a vital part of long, luxurious hair. Everyone should be eating 4-5 raw, green vegetables a day. If you are not following this diet then you can expect to have a really hard time growing healthy hair.

To sum up this article it is important to be as well rounded in these areas as possible. Keep your hair clean, your stress levels down, eat well and exercise, and you to will grow a head full of healthy hair!