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Causes for Hair fall in Women

Several reasons can be attributed to female hair loss. Hormonal imbalance during menopause, certain skin disorders, low thyroid hormone levels are among the major causes of hair loss in women.

  1. Smoking - Free-radicals or toxins are produced in individuals with smoking habit and this is by far the single most cause for the disease leading to hair fall. Smoking is also responsible for depletion of Vitamin C from the body reducing the body immunity levels.
  2. Hormonal Changes - Menopause and childbirth are the two most susceptible times when hair fall is most noticeable; similar to how DHT blocks blood flow and nutrients to the scalp in men, hormonal "shifts" have the same or similar affect. Hormone changes are most often associated with temporary loss but can become permanent or semi-permanent leading to balding patches..
  3. Medications - Some medications like oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, cocaine, cholesterol controlling medicines , drugs used in the treatment of typhoid, malaria etc. are known to have major impact on hair loss in women.
  4. Diet - Excessive intake of junk food, deficiency of protein in the diet, iron deficiency etc. are the causes of hair fall attributable to the food. To a large extent, this condition can be remedied by appropriately changing the food habits and including protein/iron supplements in the diet. Medical advice would be best to tide over the problem faster.
  5. Heredity - Though some may attribute hair loss to heredity, it has been established that heredity has nothing to do with hair loss at all. On the other hand, endocrine problems, Anemia, gynecological problems like ovarian tumors, emotional stress and crash diet are known to cause hair fall. Women also tend to lose large amounts of hair after child birth. Chronic illness, major surgeries and several injections are other factors which can actively push up the rate of hair loss.
  6. Imbalance of Minerals - Imbalance of minerals in your body can be another simple reason which can cause the problem of hair fall for you. Though the reason for hair loss is equally extensive in men, the degree of fall is less severe than men. But, hair loss in women is socially not acceptable and could leave a woman devastated, helpless and confused. There are several products available in the market which can control hair loss in women by as much as 85%. It is important though to take appropriate professional help before you start using these products.
  7. Cosmetics - Wrong choice of cosmetics is another factor which causes hair loss in women as well as men. You could be doing a great disservice to the overall health of hair when using harsh chemicals and cosmetics. Some of the chemicals can damage your scalp eventually leading to a major hair fall. Prolonged and excessive use of styling gels, topical creams, scrums, chemical based shampoos and dyes can do major harm to your scalp and hair.

Solutions for Female Hair Loss
Vitamins for hair growth, hair loss shampoo, and hair growth products are your best bet for arresting female hair loss and growing natural, beautiful hair.

Natural hair growth can be achieved by ensuring proper nutrient levels with vitamins for hair and skin.

Trichogen-based hair loss shampoo stimulates circulation carrying minerals and nutrients to hair follicles, the bulb and root.