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What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

People attribute all kinds of things to what causes dark circles under the eyes. The truth is that the only true reason for the dark circle is one and it is always the same: Tiny leaking blood vessels, the capillaries and venules. There are many different reasons for these little blood vessels to burst or to leak but those are secondary causes, not direct causes of why you see the dark rings under the eyes.

Direct causes can be anything from an injury, either to the head or to the face to the effects of illness or medications. If you are at the beginning of a warfarin therapy and your dosage is not yet totally controlled, you may experience bleeding into subcutaneous tissue at the slightest touch.

What Is The Process Of Leaking Blood Vessels

When blood vessels begin to leak, something is going wrong with the normal function of repair. If the integrity, whether structural or functional, of blood vessel endothelial cells is compromised, homeostasis is lost and leaking may occur. The tiniest blood vessels in the body are the capillaries. They connect the arterioles that bring oxygenized blood from the lungs to the tissue to the venules which take de-oxygenized blood away from the tissue and back to the lungs.

These little capillaries have walls that are very thin; in fact only one cell layer keeps the blood cells contained within these endothelial cells which comprise the walls of the capillaries. Sometimes the endothelial cells have little opening through with small amounts of red blood cells escape. Venules are frequently the site of leakage as well. This causes the dark circles under the eyes that appear like shadows to the effect of having put on dark makeup.

Prevention Of Capillary Leaks

Since this is an internal process, there is little that can be physically done to prevent leakage. The best way to stop leakage is to live a healthy lifestyle or to use a cream formulated to help heal the capillaries. Enough sleep every night will contribute to a rested state which allows optimal bodily functions, including vessel repair.

A healthy diet is also of utmost importance in providing all necessary nutrients, minerals and trace elements the body needs to be as healthy as possible. If in doubt about your nutrition, take a multi-vitamin supplement or use a dark circles eye cream to help heal the capillaries and stop leakage. Exercise boosts the immune system and that is another important factor toward promoting good health. Management of blood thinners is crucial to not only prevent dark circles under the eyes but also to prevent life-threatening vascular bleeds.

Who Will Be Afflicted With Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Anyone can have capillary leaks under the eyes at one time or another. A singular incident by itself is nothing to worry about. There are very benign reasons for such circles, some of them stated above. Not enough sleep will cause stress on the body and this can work itself out in weakened capillary walls.

Poor nutritional habits will deprive the body of anti-oxidants and vitamins to make the proteins needed for cell repair. Illness can cause so much stress on the body that cell repair cannot keep up with the demand to heal. Finally, aging will cause a structural decrease of the epidermal layers, causing the skin to become thinner and more transparent, making any vessels under the epidermis more visible. Read more articles.

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