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Causes of Acute Spider Veins

Spider veins are an unsightly occurrence even with minimal onset. Often appearing as small, thin and web-like red, blue and purple strings, spider veins can be treated with skin care formulated in a spider veins cream.

When they become a bit more acute, however, they can appear even more visually unappealing and cause some minimal damage. The overall skin care health issue is not generally critical, although they should be addressed if they do appear to be worsening. For the most part, this is important because as the issue does work its way deeper into the vein system of the body, more potential harm can occur.

The surface vein

Spider veins occur at the outer most reaches of the skin. This is why they are viable. The body’s veins are dilating close to the surface of the skin and become more visible then they usually are.

If you look at your hand you can usually see a vein or two close to the surface with no color associated with them. If the vein were to dilate a bit more than its current size, you would likely be able to see it more distinctly with the associated color purple.

The deeper veins

As the heart goes about pumping blood to the various parts of the body it uses various pressures to get it through to each and every part of the body. Some areas of the body find higher pressures of blood while others find lower pressures moving through.

Deeper in the body the veins experience a higher blood pressure to make sure the body gets what it needs. As a consequence, these vein walls are used to the higher pressure and are made to withstand it. If, however, there is a malfunction in the vein system that supports this higher pressure, spider vein issues can arise.

A blood back-up: Traffic in your Circulatory System

The surface veins can become affected by issues in the lower veins. Generally, this is because as the lower veins cope with an issue the blood begins to back up into the smaller veins. When the lower veins cannot deal with this anymore, there is a back-up of blood. The blood needs to go somewhere and spider veins are the result as surface veins dilate to accept more blood from the lower vein back-up. In a general sense, if there is a car accident the traffic backs up onto smaller roads.

The difference here is that the smaller roads back-up into the neighborhoods. In this case, the neighborhoods are the spider veins with new roads being created everywhere.

Generally, controlling the surface veins with a vitamin K-type cream - cream for spider veins - is the best skin care route to follow in solving this problem and getting the traffic moving once again.

While providing effective skin care to improve the health of arterial walls is necessary to avoid or lessen acute spider veins, many prefer a much faster - express route to spider vein treatment - covering them up. While not for everyone, the best thing to hide spider veins is pantyhose that are sprayed on the legs. Advances in technology now have natural colors in that don't run when wet or stain clothes or skin. As a two-way approach to spider veins, treating the causes and symptoms with skin care and hiding spider veins is a ticket to the highway!
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