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Care For Extremely Oily Hair

There’s oily hair…then there’s extremely/chronic oily hair. At one time or another, I believe we all go through bouts of oiliness – either as teens when hormones are going crazy or due to high heat or humidity. Excessive oiliness, however is difficult to deal and requires special care…both regarding close attention to personal hygiene and the hair products we use.

One of the most common causes of extremely oily hair is genetics as people whose parents have oily hair are more likely to have similar problems. Both hormones and hair thickness can also play a role. When hair is thicker, there is more room for the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to be distributed, meaning it is less oily overall. It is also easier for oil to travel down straight strands, making straight oily hair incredibly common. the best shampoo for extremely oily hair

Don’t Wash Too Much

Most people who have extremely oily hair think that the best way to solve the problem is to wash it. While some people will indeed need to wash their locks daily, in most cases this can be a very bad idea. When you wash it more frequently, you will lose the natural oils and your hair will notice.

To make up for this lack, it will start producing more sebum (oils), creating a cyclic problem that involves you washing your strands with increasing frequency. This can be further complicated if the chemicals, surfactants, fragrances or active ingredients either irritate your scalp or stimulate oil secretions. It’s not uncommon for chronic oiliness to be traced to shampoos, conditioners or styling aids. While changing the frequency of shampooing is certainly one issue that should be considered, switching shampoos and hair products in general should also be on your list. You never know, a different pH level,
sulfate-free shampoos, or the use of shampoos with Zinc or Zinc PCA might be all you need.

Find Balance With Washing

Instead of washing every day, you need to experiment a little bit and see what schedule will get you balanced locks that aren’t too oily.

For some people with a lot of oil this will mean shampooing every day but others may just need to do so every other day or even once or twice each week. If you don’t want to wash your head too frequently because you are afraid of oil production but need some cleansing, try dry shampoo.
Dry shampoos are good for absorbing oil – which is great periodically; but they do little for cleansing or reducing oil produced by the scalp and follicle pores. Finding the right shampoo balanced for your scalp conditions is also good for reducing itchiness, bacteria and outbreaks of scalp acne.

Choosing Shampoo

Even if you don’t plan on washing your hair every day, you should always select a shampoo that is appropriate for daily use. These shampoos are designed to be gentle enough to not strip away all of your hair’s natural oils. Most cleansing products geared towards extremely oily hair will fit these guidelines. People with oily locks can also benefit from clarifying shampoos but shouldn’t use them more than once a week unless – as is the topic of this article – you suffer from extremely oily hair. Sulfate-free shampoos can be a good choice when experimenting with different cleansers.

But, the best shampoos for oily hair most often contain Zinc. Zinc is well-known for reducing and controlling oil from the sebaceous glands; and, if you have extremely oily hair, a
zinc shampoo like Follicleanse is your best place to start.

Using Conditioner

Conditioner can be another tricky thing for people with extremely oily locks and in reality you may not even need to use it. Some people can skip it and use a detangler that sprays on instead. If you feel you must use a conditioner, always pick a conditioner that is light-weight and washes out. You should also avoid putting it on your roots as this will increase the greasiness of your locks; instead only apply it to the ends.

Avoid Adding Oils

One of the most important things to keep in mind when caring for extremely oily locks is to always avoid adding additional oils. This means that you should only select light options when it comes to styling products. For example, opt for hairspray instead of a heavy gel. You should also try not to touch your hair too often as the oils from your hands will transfer, making it worse. Care for extremely oily hair can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. But with the proper care and products, your hair and scalp can be clean and oil-free.

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