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Can An Omega Shampoo Make My Hair Stronger?

We are often asked by customers if an omega-based shampoo can make hair stronger. In many ways it can.

Because of the background research that has been done to show that consuming Omega-3s and 6s can help to add luster and add strength to your locks there is a heightened interest in shampoos that have these critical fats in their list of ingredients.

With the use of these shampoos comes the question, can they actually make your hair stronger? To answer this question there are a few things you want to consider.

Oils That Have Been Used For Yearsomega shampoo - Follicleanse DS

It’s important to remember that for years we have been using different oils in our hair to replenish the moisture and restore health to our mane.

The majority of these oils are rich in omega fats. Consider olive oil, Emu oil and coconut oil for instance, both rich in omega fats and known to be excellent treatments for dry or damaged hair. It is only recently that we realized part of the reason for it and that is the high level of Omega fats in the hair.

Moisturizing Effects Make Hair Stronger

Just like oil, shampoos that are rich in omega fats are very nourishing for your hair. Instead of using a lengthy treatment
where you soak your scalp in the oil, you can use the rich shampoo to wash your hair every day. The essentials in the shampoo add moisture to your hair follicles and scalp.

This moisture is able to coat your hair and help prevent it from being brittle and easy to break. Omega shampoos like those featuring Emu oil are rich and able to add vibrancy to your hair. Using emu oil for hair adds nourishment to the shaft makes it more difficult for the hair to break.

This means, essentially, that Omega shampoo does, indeed help to strengthen hair by way of adding moisture and improving the health of Keratin protein bonds that essentially determine shine, pliability flexibility and smoothness of the follicle shaft.

It is important to consider using Grade A, pure Emu Oil because it has the highest concentration of Omegas and Vitamin E. Most Emu Oil available on the market is Grade B and is much less effective and expensive (that's part of why emu oil products are on the pricey side).

Fatty Acids Absorbed Into The Shaft

These essential fats that come in the shampoo are also able to be absorbed more quickly into the shaft of the hair. They are often very full of Vitamin E as well, which is critical to the healthy growth and strength of your hair. These fats are able to moisturize and hydrate adding strength to the hair shaft.

In addition, Omega fats are essential building blocks of protein and that is what hair is made of. By replenishing these, your hair has a chance to heal and grow stronger.

It is also rich in antioxidants which will add life and vibrancy to your hair. Since they are not heavy oils you’ll see hair that is stronger yet not greasy or weighted down. This will not only make your hair stronger but it will also make it more manageable and shiny.

Reduced Split Ends And Frizz

One of the best reasons to use Omega Shampoo is to repair damaged hair, this includes split ends. Split ends and frayed hair make your hair more susceptible to breakage.

By using a rich, Omega Shampoo you’ll be re-hydrating your damaged hair, making it stronger, and soothing and repairing split ends. This will make it less likely to break and continue to split up the shaft.
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