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Causes of Bruising & Treatment

result from ruptured or damaged blood veins and capillaries in the epidermis, dermal and subcutaneous skin layers. Deep tissue or deep skin bruises damage capillaries in muscle tissue - and in more severe cases causes may be the result of damage to internal organs and leaking from veins.

Red, blue and sometimes purple appearance of bruises is manifested by blood seeping or bleeding into surrounding tissue. As blood coagulates or dries, bruises become darker and commonly fade as tissue fluids flush surrounding bruised areas and as bleeding stops.

Though bruises may occur all over the body, many are concentrated from ankle or wrist sprains and to the legs where bumping and hitting a desk, chair or coffee tables are common. As tissue and muscle become weak and thin in older age, some people bruise more easily.

Bruises are commonly found:
  • Legs
  • Ankles and wrists
  • Around the eyes and eyelids
  • Breasts and abdominal area
  • Feet
It is common for tenderness and sensitivity to accompany bruising. Nerves can either be damaged or seeping blood can place increase pressure on already sensitive nerve endings.

Effective treatment for bruises can generally be found with skin care formulated with ingredients such as Vitamin K, Aloe, and Emu Oil. Vitamin K, in a cream base, has been shown to help heal vein walls and to promote strengthening to block or substantially reduce bleeding from capillaries found in the upper layers of the skin.

Emu Oil has transdermal properties allowing it to deliver active ingredients and penetrate deeper tissue for accelerated and improved results. Green Tea is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin and damaged veins and aloe vera and willow bark soothe and help relieve soreness and sensitivity.

While severe bleeding or internal damage requires the immediate attention, day-to-day bruising from bumps, grinds and minor injuries can be cleared and sensitivity relieved with proper skin care