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Best Treatments For Relaxing Black Hair

Many women prefer the softer and easier to manage condition of their hair when it has been relaxed.

However, relaxers can be harsh on hair, causing it to dry out and become brittle, making it more prone to breakage. It is possible to relax your hair and still have it remain healthy if you use the best treatments for relaxing black hair.

LyeProfolla Silk for Black & African American hair

Most chemical relaxers contain lye, which is made from sodium hydroxide. While some people think that lye should be avoided when relaxing hair because of the possibility of damaging the hair, it is the most effective treatment.

The key to having a lye formula work well without damaging hair is to limit the amount of time the formula is on the hair. As with any kind of chemical added to hair, the longer it soaks into your hair, the more likely it is that damage will occur. While using Lye, consider using one of the top shampoos for Black hair to ensure proper nutrients are added to offset this or any of these treatments. Some treatments can strip moisture or weaken the protein bonds that provide flexibility and strength.

Relaxers work by altering the texture of the hair by weakening the cellular bonds; the relaxer softens the hair shaft, allowing it to become straighter and smoother. However, if left on too long, the hair begins to break down. This can result in dry, frizzy hair that breaks off. Rinse the formula from the hair when you’ve reached the allotted amount of time, and the result will be healthy, soft hair that is relaxed.

Non-lye Relaxers

For those with sensitive skin or have had an unpleasant experience using a lye relaxer, non-lye relaxers are also an effective option. These are made from chemicals including calcium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide. These work in the same way as a lye relaxer, but they are less irritating to the skin.

As with any type of chemical relaxer, if left on too long, the hair will break down too much, causing weak hair that is prone to breakage. In addition, some users of non-lye formulas experience more drying than with lye formulas, as the calcium can build up on the hair shafts.

Salon Relaxers

While you can buy home relaxer formulas, it is advisable to get your hair relaxed by a professional.

Not only does their experience make a difference in avoiding over processing, but they also have access to numerous formulas and can choose the one that is best for your hair. All of the products contain lye or a non-lye chemical that performs the actual straightening, but they also contain conditioners and other ingredients that will help to soften and hydrate your hair.

Though it is recommended you use a moisturizing shampoo developed specifically for Black hair like ProFolla Silk. Some formulas contain essential oils as well, and these also help to lock in moisture and improve the texture of the hair.

Another advantage to having your hair professionally relaxed is that an experienced hair dresser can determine if your hair is healthy enough to relax.

Relaxing hair too frequently is a problem that is second only to leaving the formula on the hair too long. It takes time for the hair to recover from chemical processing, and the novice at home may not recognize that their hair is not ready to undergo the process again. A
deep moisturizing treatment every couple of weeks will help strengthen hair and moisturize it so that it will soon be ready for another relaxing treatment.

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