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The Best Hair Products To Repel Lice And Ticks

This summer with the high heat and humidity, we have received many calls from parents and customers asking about shampoos or treatments for killing or repelling lice and ticks.

Our staff has compiled a lit of what we believe to be the best products to guard against lice and ticks making a home in your or your children's's what we found.

Contrary to popular belief, having lice or ticks is not a sign of poor hygiene. Both bugs like to live in this environment, whether it is clean or dirty and because they are a parasite that is highly spreadable, it is important to eliminate them as soon as possible

While there are plenty of home remedies to repel lice and ticks, sometimes the products that are specifically designed to do the job work best.

The important thing to keep in mind when using any louse shampoo, however, is that one treatment is not enough. That is because most shampoos will only kill hatched lice so you must do one application, wait a week and perform another one to eliminate the newly hatched pests. Here are some of the best hair products to help you repel both lice and ticks (note that although most are specifically designed for lice, they will work for ticks as well).


One of the common problems you will find with popular hair products such as lice and tick shampoos is that they contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals are not only bad for your hair’s health, but some pests are beginning to adapt to them, making the products useless on top of being damaging to hair. That is one of the ways that Licenex stands apart from the other products because it uses all-natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals.

Even better, the formula is hypoallergenic and pH balanced so you are less likely to experience any side effects. But perhaps one of the best things about this hair product is that you can use it anywhere: on your head, on your sheets or even as a spray on carpet or furniture.

Boo! Shampoo & Conditioner

Boo! hair products was developed for kids that play outside, go camping or live near or around wooded areas. Both the shampoo and conditioner are formulated with Tea Tree oil that has been found to naturally repel ticks and lice.

Both products are SLS and paraben free - designed to be gentle on hair and scalp. They both smell good and have added Aloe and Panthenol to maintain hair health. Probably the best feature is the Boo! folks avoid using chemicals as repellants. It's one of our top choices - especially for kids. As a note: The Boo! conditioner is a leave-in spray is very effective for added protection during ouitside activities. Take it with you!


Clearlice is similar to Licenex in that it does not use the harmful chemicals or pesticides found in many hair products designed to repel lice and ticks. This also means that there is less risk of the pests having become resistant to the products in this shampoo.

Almost all lice shampoos will only be able to kill the hatched nits, but this product actually contains natural ingredients which are able to crack open the eggs’ protective shell allowing them to target pests of all ages. Clearlice also is unique in that it provides a conditioner as well as a shampoo and the conditioner will help sooth any irritation from bites as well as make it easier to comb out the lice and ticks.


Liceadex is another safe, non-toxic hair product designed to repel lice and ticks. While it is completely safe and boasts a 98% effectiveness rate for a single application, it does not say whether it contains ingredients which the pests may be resistant to.

Unlike other hair products which are shampoos, this one is a gel and requires several applications a day. It does, however, stand out from several other brands because like Clearlice, it can kill both the adult parasites as well as their eggs, putting a stop to the lice problem.

Naughty Nits

While Naughty Nits is a bit more expensive than other options, it is also effective. It relies on homeopathic herbal treatments, meaning that the lice and ticks will not be resistant to the ingredients used. The system is unique in that it includes three products designed to not only treat the infection but prevent future occurrences as well: shampoo, hair oil and spritzer.

They recommend you leave the shampoo in for five minutes before rinsing and repeating. Then you apply the oil overnight, washing it out in the morning. This will loosen up any current pests and prevent future infestations. The spritzer is more of a prevention method than a treatment and is ideal if your area (or your child’s school) is facing a lice or tick epidemic.