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Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

There are hundreds of different vitamins that can help with hair growth. If you hair starts to thin it could be caused by poor diet, stress, sickness or hormones. The best vitamins help the hair grow faster and become stronger, these are vitamins you take a few times a day usually with a meal. Women suffer from hair loss two times more than men so finding a good vitamin is important.

Hair Vitamins

It is hard to get a proper blend of vitamins and minerals in the modern diet. Getting your daily does of minerals is equally as hard. You can make it easier by eating more fruits of vegetables that contain Vitamin C. This will help make the hair follicle stronger. Vitamin B helps your body produce proteins which help rebuild the hair and nails faster and stronger.

Vitamin E tends to benefit women more than men in the hair growth department because it helps slow hair fall. Minerals play a huge role in hair growth as well your body needs minerals to make strong proteins that lead to healthy skin development which in turn benefits your scalp also. Ask your doctor about which dose you should take because everyone is unique and might require a different amount.

Getting Vitamins From Food

Almost every vitamin is found naturally in a food source. These vitamins help fight hair loss and make your hair healthier. For example Vitamin C can be found in parsley, guava, kiwi, brussel sprouts, elderberry persimmon, papaya and strawberries.
Iron can be found in red meats, lentils, beans, poultry and tofu. Magnesium can be found in spices, cereals coffee and tea. Vitamin E can be found in spinach turnips, beets, and collards. Vitamin B is the most important vitamin for hair and can be found in turkey, tuna, liver, whole grains, potatoes, bananas and lentils.

Vitamins for Women

Getting a balanced diet is very important for a women because it regulates hormones. Imbalanced hormone levels are the leading cause of thinning hair in women between the ages of 35 and 65. Lacking in any of these vitamins can cause hair to become weak and start to break and fall out. So if you are not getting a balanced diet or continue to suffer from hair loss then find a good hair vitamin it will make a world of difference.