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Benefits Of Sulfate-Free Shampoos

The benefits of sulfate-free shampoos are becoming better known with increased coloring, highlighting and chemical treatments done to many hairstyles. The use of harsh surfactants with high pH accelerate the breaking down of dyes and tints and reduce effectiveness of perms. Most shampoos contain chemical compounds known as sulfates. These chemical compounds, commonly found listed in the ingredients of hair products under sodium lauryl or ammonium lauryl are a type of surfactant, an ingredient often found in cleaning products. It is these chemicals that give shampoos their lathering abilities, due to the chemical reaction that occurs when they are mixed with water, and they provide cleansing ability as well.

While surfactants are powerful cleansing agents, they can strip hair of its naturally occurring oils, resulting in dry, damaged hair. Using hair products that do not contain these harsh chemical compounds has several benefits for your hair.

Less Dryingsfree sulfate-free hair products

One benefit of using a sulfate-free shampoo is that your hair will be less dry. Because surfactants strip hair of their protective oil coating, the oil cannot seal in moisture to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle. Using a product without these harsh strippers will help to prevent moisture loss, as your locks will be gently cleansed to eliminate dirt and excess oil, but the protective layer of oils will remain intact.

Less Frizzy

Frizzy hair is the result of moisture accessing the interior of a strand, which causes the strand to swell unevenly, resulting in frizz. To breach the interior of the strand, the moisture must first go through the cuticle. When your locks are healthy, the cuticle is healthy as well, and it doesn’t open up as easily to allow excess moisture, such as from high humidity, to enter the cortex. Strands that have been stripped of their natural oils from sulfates are craving moisture, and they don’t offer a protective barrier to prevent frizz. A gentle cleansing product free from harsh chemicals will result in healthier hair, to help eliminate frizz.

Less Stripping Of Color

When you have paid a lot of money to have your hair colored or highlighted, only to have the beautiful, rich tones stripped away after a few washes, you are left very frustrated.

Harsh chemicals can fade hair color and make highlights and lowlights brassy or dull. Using a gentle shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates can help you maintain your color much longer, so that your strands will look rich, vibrant, and healthy. Sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo is considered "color-safe" and an excellent choice for color-treated hair. Pigmentation of the follicle strands is not stripped and chemical treatments last longer.

Less Hair Loss

While sulfates won’t make your hair fall out by the handful, the extreme drying effect they have on your strands can make your hair brittle, and brittle hair is more prone to breakage. Split ends and broken strands can make your coif noticeably thinner, and when your locks are overly dry, shedding can increase. A product that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals will help your strands retain their moisture, which will reduce split ends and breakage, and help reduce shedding.

Less Irritation

Many people are sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in many shampoos. The chemicals can also cause drying of the scalp. Whether due to a chemical sensitivity or dryness, irritation of the scalp can occur, causing mild swelling, redness, or even dry or scaly patches. A mild shampoo that is sulfate-free won’t cause the scalp to become overly dry or cause a reaction of the skin. Sulfate free dandruff shampoo can reduce flaking and itching associated with excess oiliness or severe dryness - typically dandruff-type symptoms. The reduction of irritation and sulfates are generally a good place to start and a welcomed solution if you experience dandruff.
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