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Benefits Of Sage In Hair Care Products

Sage, known scientifically as Salvia Officinalis, has numerous benefits for the hair. It is effective in controlling dandruff, and it can promote growth to benefit hair that is thinning. It has also been found to be effective for promoting growth in people affected by scalp disorders that cause balding, such as alopecia.

Sage contains several vitamins, including A, B, and E and it contains minerals like calcium and potassium. Hair care products containing sage benefit in numerous ways because of these vitamins and minerals.

Alopeciafollicleanse shampoo with sage

Hair loss caused by alopecia affects both men and women. Alopecia results in patches that fall out and cause bald spots. In some cases, alopecia can cause total baldness; in others, it occurs in small patches throughout the scalp, resulting in multiple bald spots. The affected follicles may begin producing hair again, only to have the cycle of loss return within a few years.

Unlike male pattern baldness, which is the result of hormones affecting the follicles and causing them to stop producing, the cause of alopecia remains a mystery.

However, it is believed to be the result of an immune disorder that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles, damaging them so that they can’t produce; generally, it is considered a reduction of blood flowing to the scalp (and the resulting new and aged follicles biology) produces inhibited nutrients needed for proper development and a normalized growth cycle - essentially starving the developing bulb.

Sage has been found to be beneficial for promoting the growth of hair in general, and it works for many people with alopecia as well. The vitamins in sage help to boost the immune system, nourish follicles, and stimulate the growth of healthy follicles, which in turn will produce new hairs.


One of the most common causes of dandruff is sebhorreic dermatitis. This affects the oil glands, and when occurring on the scalp, causes an overproduction of oil in hair follicles.
Oiliness clogs the follicles and causes patches of dead skin cells to form oily clumps and flake off in patches. The result can be symptoms commonly found with dandruff and other symptoms such as scalp acne, bumps and pimples that form as follicle pores clog and become infected or inflamed.

Another cause of dandruff is malassezia, which is a fungus that resembles yeast. The fungus occurs naturally on the scalp, but does not cause problems until an overgrowth of the fungus occurs.

When the follicles on the scalp are producing too much oil, the fungi that feed on the oil will multiply, causing an overgrowth of fungus. The fungus causes an excess buildup of dead skin cells, and they can clump together and flake off, resulting in dandruff.

Sage has a clarifying effect on the scalp that can reduce dandruff. The oils of the scalp are cleansed by the sage, reducing the amount of oil on the surface.

This reduces the amount of clogging in follicles and the buildup of dead cells, which will help to prevent dandruff flakes. In addition, by controlling the amount of excess oil on the scalp, sage essential oil helps to prevent dandruff that occurs from malassezia.

Without the excess oil to feed on, the fungus does not cause an overgrowth that results in the buildup of dead skin cells and dandruff.

The benefits of Sage in hair products are numerous. Sage comes in various products such as Follicleanse, and sage oil used alone can also benefit the hair.