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Benefits Of Panthenol In Hair Products

If you have dry, thin, or flat hair, products that contain panthenol can help. It is a common ingredient found in shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids. It can moisturize, thicken, and add body and bounce to your locks. The benefits of panthenol in hair products are numerous.

ChemistryFollicleanse DS with Panthenol

Panthenol is a vitamin B-5 derivative. It is what is known as a chiral molecule. The molecular structure of a chiral molecule is composed of two sides that are mirror images of each other rather than the exact duplicates often found in molecular structures. Because of their structure, the sides differ in their biological and chemical properties. When added to beauty products, the properties are either enhanced or minimized, according to the nature of the formula created. In shampoos and conditioners, it is most often used as humectants, while it serves other purposes in gels, mousses, and other styling aids.


Humectants help hair absorb and retain moisture. In addition to absorbing more water when tresses are washed, humectants absorb moisture from the air as well. The increase in moisture protects your tresses from drying out. Heat styling and coloring can make strands dry and brittle and more prone to breakage. Humectants help to keep strands moisturized and are particularly useful for use in hair conditioners such as Silk Protein Conditioner by Nourish, which makes them shiny and more healthy appearing. In addition, the absorption of moisture causes the shaft of the hair to swell to accommodate the extra water - this makes thin or thinning hair appear thicker. The additional moisture can improve more body and bounce (and indirectly aid hair growth), as the shafts are thicker, softer, and more luxurious.


Hair products containing panthenol can also increase the shine of your style, which make it look healthier as well. Popular product brands like Panetene have built entire product lines by using this ingredient. Dry, dull locks are lacking in shine because the strand’s natural oils have diminished. The vitamin B-5 derivative coats the shafts, which helps to seal in the moisture and natural oils. The product helps to smooth the cuticle and the overall strand, so that light is more easily reflected off it, producing an enhanced shine.


Another benefit of products containing panthenol is that it helps to prevent breakage in your tresses. Dry, brittle strands break off more easily when they are blow dried or brushed. In addition to moisturizing tresses, this vitamin derivative also restores elasticity to your strands. When they are combed or brushed, the strands will flex naturally rather than breaking off because they are brittle. This will reduce the amount of shedding that occurs and the amount of damaged and split ends of your hair, which results in healthier looking locks.


Panthenol is also effective as a detangler. Wet locks can easily become tangled, and if strands are long, snarls are difficult to remove without damaging or pulling out your hair. Products containing panthenol penetrate the hair shafts as well as coating them with a protective gloss. This allows you to comb through wet hair easily, and you’ll be able to glide your comb gently through tangles to loosen them rather than pulling them out.
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