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Benefits Of Menthol In Hair Products

The benefits of menthol in hair products can be substantial - and surprising! The benefits to using either spearmint or peppermint menthol-infused shampoo or conditioner, are widely varied. It is a rich ingredient that can be used to protect your hair, and prevent some of the damage that can happen to it over the years. In addition, it will leave you smelling sparkling fresh.

Prevention And Treatment

Menthol infused shampoo or conditioner can be used to repair or treat many of the damages that can affect your hair. Using the product once daily, or as recommended for what you are trying to treat, will fix your problems and give your hair a lush and healthy sheen. Here are just a few of the things a menthol shampoo or conditioner can be used to help treat.

The most common of conditions that menthol treatments can help you deal with, is lice. The sharp quality kills and repels the lice, and burns the eggs away. This should be used in conjunction with other treatments, however, because it sometimes is not strong enough by itself.

You can also, as well as using an infused peppermint or spearmint product, use and essential oil mixed with your hair shampoo in this case. This will also go a long way to soothing your pesky itch.

Menthol treatments are also very useful for treating dandruff spots. The minty harshness breaks down the clumps of dead skin, making it easier to rinse the dandruff away with a simple shampooing or good scrub. The itchy irritation of this is also solved with a menthol shampoo, conditioner, or oils mixed with either.

The tingling of the menthol on your scalp is doing more than just cleaning it; you are also promoting lushness and length when you use a menthol product. It cleans the pores of irritants, so the hair can grow easily, and purifies it with rich oils so it is shiny and beautiful.

Lastly, if you have a headache or congested sinuses, a menthol hair treatment may be just the thing you need to relieve it. The menthol will sooth the sinuses, clearing them, and lowers any inflammation you may have.

The infusion also helps to reduce swelling, the cause of most common headaches. This awakening, invigoration and stimulation of the scalp (plus the pleasant scent) is one of the primary reasons peppermint oil shampoo is so popular.

Where Do I Get Menthol or Mint Shampoo?

Most of your local convenience store chains, such as a department or beauty store, will carry a peppermint or spearmint infused shampoo or conditioner. If your hair damage is very bad however, you may wish to seek out a peppermint or spearmint essential oil, and those can be slightly more difficult to obtain.

Most internet searches will show the oils readily available, but you may not want to wait for the shipping time required. If this is the case, you may want to consider next day shipping or other priority options. Make sure that the oil is an essential infusion, with little to no other additives, as these other ingredients can lessen the menthol’s effect, or sometimes damage the hair further.

Products such as Follicleanse ME Plus are natural-based shampoos considered "mint shampoo" and derive many of the natural benefits found as the derivative menthol from spearmint and peppermint. Besides the aromatic aroma that "wakes you up" you can feel the tingle that stimulates scalp tissue - along with all its benefits.

The benefits of menthol hair products are many - give them a try!