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Benefits of using a Follicle Stimulator

As the name suggests, a follicle stimulator stimulates the hair follicle thereby promotes hair growth as well as reverses the process of hair loss. A follicle stimulator supplies the essential nutrients and chemicals to the hair follicle and is considered as ideal treatment for hair loss or thinning hair. Besides nourishing the hair follicles, most follicle stimulators also aid in stimulating the blood circulation to the scalp.

This is critical for follicle development because...the restriction of capillary blood flow "kills off" the papilla (root of the follicle). This generally what happens when DHT accumulates in the scalp resulting in pattern balding. So, one of the primary benefits of a hair growth stimulant is - if it contains Trichogen or Zinc PCA - is that it will help stop further pooling of DHT.

Key benefits of using a follicle stimulator

Most follicle stimulators are thus formulated to supply adequate amounts of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients to the hair follicle and hair shaft, thereby promoting fuller and thicker hair. This also aids in stimulating hair growth.

Follicle stimulators also promote circulation of blood to the scalp. Furthermore, certain ingredients are instrumental in guarding the hair and follicles from sun exposure which could otherwise lead to brittle or damaged hair, surface damage or color changes. anastim hair growth stimulator

The stimulator also works by renewing the growth of follicles as well as extends the growth stage of the hair cycle. All this is usually achieved without drying out the hair or scalp.

Follicle stimulators may also be used by people who fine hair. So while it is formulated for people with thing hair or hair loss, effective results can also be achieved by people who have otherwise fine hair and wish to have fuller and thicker hair.

Since fine and thinning hair is more susceptible to breakage caused by perming, blow drying or other chemical treatments, hair products that stimulate growth can ward off the otherwise undesired side effects of these procedures. It works by guarding the follicles and thereby reduces the stress of these procedures on the follicles.

While promoting healthy new hair, a quality brand follicle stimulator significantly aids in enhancing the strength of your current hair. It also slows the process of oxidation, thereby promoting healthy hair and scalp.

Follicle stimulators are also designed to inhibit dandruff and other scalp conditions like itchiness.

Furthermore, people also experience a reduction of sebum production in the scalp and this also aids in the removal any kind of build up around the hair follicle.

With a follicle stimulator, people can be assured that their already brittle or fine hair is receiving the protection against hair breakage.

If used as prescribed, a follicle stimulator can significantly reverse the effects of hair loss. Hair follicle stimulators help spark new hair growth and keep it growing for longer.