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Our Pick of The Best Baby Lotions

When you have a new baby you want to take good care of him or her and that includes picking the right lotion. Ideally you want to look for one that does not include any harsh chemicals or fragrances as these can easily irritate your babyís skin. You also want to make sure you select a lotion based on your babyís needs, such as their type of skin or whether you want one to treat diaper rash, one with sunblock or a simple everyday lotion. Here are some of the top baby lotion options.

Angel Baby Lotion

This is an ideal cream for babies as it does not contain any chemicals, preventing irritation. Although it is scented, the smell is not overpowering; instead it is a combination of orange and vanilla that is mild enough to smell good without irritating your babyís skin or eyes and is especially effective as a follow-on following diaper rash treatments. Another advantage of this particular baby lotion is that it will not make your childís skin greasy when you use it like some other products do.

Mustela Hydra Bebe Baby

Mustela has a wide range of skin care products for babies including this particular lotion. It is incredibly popular and a great option for all babies. The only thing to keep in mind, however, is that the scent is slightly stronger than some of its competitors so if you or your newborn have scent related sensitivities or allergies, you should consider looking for a different option. If you donít mind a slightly stronger scent, it can be a great choice.

Nourish Emu Body Lotion

Besides its soothing moisturizing, Nourish Emu Moisturizing Body Lotion (see product info below) is excellent for sensitive skin, rashes and for clearing redness and irritation (including baby eczema). Formulated with Shea Butter, Illepe Butter and Aloe Vera that replenish hydration to dry or flaking skin while Green Tea helps reduce tissue damage from over-exposure to the sun or wind. Its natural-based solution also includes Jojoba Oil and Emu Oil Ė both penetrate quickly and help fight fungus and bacteria.

Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free

For parents who are sensitive to smells or who have newborns with sensitivities or allergies, this lotion is a perfect option as it is fragrance free. In addition to causing no scent-related irritation, that means that there are no added chemicals just to add a scent. This cream is light enough to use on your baby every day without worrying about them getting greasy.

Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream

Although this cream tends to a bit more expensive than the other baby lotions, it is well worth the price if you or your child has sensitive skin. In fact, it is so gentle that even newborns with eczema or similar skin conditions can use it without irritation. Part of its gentleness is the lack of scent but in addition to that, this cream is incredibly easy to apply. It is one of the best choices for children or parents with sensitive skin as it is hard to find a baby lotion that wonít lead to at least some irritation.

Johnsonís Baby Cream

Johnsonís has been in the business of making newborn skin care products for a while and because of this, they are a brand that most parents can trust. This cream has a slightly different texture than the original lotion for infants by the brand, but parents seem to love it. It is also one of the lotions with a very light smell, meaning that it is less likely to cause irritation. This cream applies smoothly making it ideal for daily use.
Additionally, and important to many is part of the well-received Johnson's family of products - baby powder and baby shampoo - in particular.

While there are numerous brands and products available, these are our top picks for baby lotions. Along with finding a great diaper rash or infant eczema treatment, baby lotions are one of the best things you can do to protect and moisturize infants' skin...and the soothing properties of these can go a long way towards relieving symptoms of rash and inflammation.