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Anti Aging Skin Care for Oily, Dry and Combination Complexion

Anti-aging skin product to help balance natural oils and dryness. Smooths rough spots, redness and wrinkled areas. Help reduce redness and softens and tones with Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid!

The right anti-aging skin care products work to soften the skin and moisturize. The softer the skin is the less you will see wrinkles and lines caused by aging. The best moisturizers are those with a natural plant extract. There are so many products using natural plant ingredients today.

Complexion Types

Each person’s complexion falls into one category or the other in reference to the type. This also determines which natural plant extract you need. There are three types of skin. Tissue is classified as dry, oily, and combination.

Basic Complexion Types:
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
Each needs its own special anti aging skin care regimen and products designed to deal with that particular situation. You can not use a drying agent for oiliness on dry patches because it will make it worse. Adding dry skin creams to oily skin will create an environment that is much worse than before.

Dry and Oily Skin

Dry skin is a result of the environment around you and age and will be apparent on the skin by wrinkles and lines. Anti aging skin care products for dry skin work to treat the dryness and to hydrate the skin once more. Oily skin types need the opposite of what is required for dry skin.

Your complexion is producing more oil than it needs where as the dry skin is not giving out enough. The oil is not taken off by the anti aging skin care products completely because the skin and face need some oil to be healthy. It cleans the skin and works to balance it out naturally. Products for oily skin reduce oil deposits, production and residue by controlling sebaceous glands - leaving your complexion clean.

Combination Complexion

Skin that is classified as combination is not totally dry in all areas or totally oily in all areas. The combination of the two exist in spots around the face.

Combination skin can not take any type of treatment but requires each problem to be treated separately. You can not add too much moisturizer but more to the dry areas.

Anti Aging Skin Serum for All Types

One such natural plant ingredient is Jojoba Oil which has been shown to reduce stretch marks, scars, and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E is another great skin care ingredient that works to reduce the appearance of age spots and to even out skin tone.

Nut extracts also lighten the tone of the skin and help to even it out without bleaching treatments. To sure dark circles under the eye, protein peptides are the ingredients most used. Canadian brown algae is also a good ingredient to use. Grape seed oil is one of the better antioxidant ingredients for removing damage done around the eye.

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