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How Do Amino Acids Help Make Hair Stronger?

Amino acids are still being studied, but one of the many benefits that come with them is the growth of stronger hair.

The reason that your hair is affected positively by amino acids is it’s structure is mostly proteins, and amino acids are called the building blocks for them. As far as the amount of amino acids needed to grow stronger hair the exact number is still being debated by research scientists but their use is undoubtedly beneficial. Scientists may have singled out the amino acid that will give the best result. Tests have shown that the amino acid called L-Arginine may be the one that they have been looking for to get hair to grow stronger.

How It Works for strong hairhair vitamins with amino acids

Amino acids are proteins which are what hair is made of. When you ingest or apply the amino acids and the proteins reach the follicle papilla, it starts growing thicker and stronger. That means that it is more likely that the follicle will stay on your scalp. You will notice that the brush does not have as much hair. Keep in mind that hair is usually rather strong, but that strength is lost when it starts thinning. Ingesting amino acids is probably the best way to improve strength provided the amino acids actually reach the scalp. That is sometimes not the case because they will dissolve while being processed by the body.

Your Diet Needs Help

Although your diet is a great way to get nutrients it may not be enough when it comes to growing stronger hair.

Calculations about the amount of amino acids which help growth have been consistently around 70 percent. That means that extra help may be needed in the form of supplements. Most of the amino acid supplements are taken the same way that other supplements are. Once a day is usually more than enough to ensure that you have the right amount. You can also focus on adding foods that help with hair growth such as walnuts which are rich in magnesium. Another big helper to your diet would be foods that contain vitamin B (all types help growth).

In other words a well-balanced diet with enough protein will promote good health throughout the body including the hair. One of the main causes for hair loss is in fact protein deficiency. You can start noticing the protein deficiency when your hair stops growing at a normal rate and when your body feels weaker than it used to be. Adding proteins and amino-acids to your diet until it reaches about one sixth of your total diet will give you better hair. Some of the food that you may need to add to your diet to increase your protein consumption include: eggs, fish, grains, seeds and lean meats. All those foods contain a decent amount of protein and will give you better results.

Other Amino Acids You Need

Although L-Arginine is the amino acid getting most of the attention it is not the only one that has shown to have a positive effect on hair. L-Cystine for example is a type of amino acid that not only helps hair and skin; it also helps boost the immune system. L-Methionine helps follicle "quality", growth and texture and it also prevents early hair loss. L-Lysine is not produced in the body so it must be consumed. L-Lysine is essential for hair growth and you can find it in foods and supplements. There is still a lot more that science will learn about the overall benefits of amino acids, but what we now know is that they can help a lot of the body functions including the growth of strong hair.