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Why is Biotin good for Hair?

Biotin is featured in many products, but why is it good for the hair? Itís the one vitamin in the body that acts on protein that is consumed to break it down into smaller chains of protein that are then used by the body for building purposes. To put it in practical terms, this vitamin is like the builderís warehouse for the body, taking in large shipments and breaking them down into smaller bundles that are then used on specific building projects.

Bodybuilders are dependent on converting protein into muscle mass, so they are very familiar with the value of chains of amino acids for building muscles. Without sufficient levels of this one vitamin in their system, they cannot build muscle mass because their bodies would be incapable of creating the protein chains necessary for building it. The same principle makes biotin good for the hair. It is an essential vitamin for hair growth and rejuvenation.

Hair isnít muscle, so whatís the big deal?biotin vitamins for hair

Itís true that hair building is different from muscle building. Biotin for hair growth is good because it takes the protein that it breaks down and creates keratin as well. Keratin is the principal ingredient in the making of hair. It is the same chemical that creates fingernails and makes up the outer layer of human skin. The simple rule is that if there is no keratin, there wonít be any hair.

Keratin derives from the Greek word meaning ďhorn.Ē It is a strong substance, and in the right amount it strengthens the hair and prevents it from becoming fragile. Keratin is the main ingredient for strong, healthy hair that doesnít break apart under chemical treatments.

So what does any of this information have to do with babies?

If that sounds like a strange sentence, itís only because the subject of pregnancy and biotin deficiency havenít been introduced yet. This is that introduction. Pregnancy can cause a wide range of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The loss of this vitamin means a lower production of keratin and that can lead to thinning hair for the mother. For many women and men, using hair vitamins with Biotin can help restore deficiencies that could lead to weakening or breaking.

Consider the many effects of pregnancy

Moms to be take all sorts of supplements to compensate for those vitamins that are lost during pregnancy. Food cravings are a way for the body to communicate deficiencies in many vitamins and minerals. While not quite a craving, thinning hair is a clear sign that biotin is not available to create more keratin, and more hair.

On a survival priority scale, the body ranks many functions higher than good hair growth. That means that one of the first functions to be neglected is healthy hair growth when a person has a biotin deficiency. The bright side of all of this is that people donít have to struggle to get good nutrition for survival anymore, and they can use the one supplement that is good for the hair, biotin, to prevent thinning and promote healthy hair growth during pregnancy. Also, if a woman is pregnant, a naturally occurring vitamin supplement is a safe and effective way to treat that thinning hair.

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