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What Is Biotin?

Biotin is sometimes referred to as Vitamin H and coenzyme R.

This valuable vitamin is vitamin B7. Discovered almost seventy years ago, biotin has been found to have many roles in our body. It is one of eight vitamins that comprise vitamin B complex. This group is known for stimulating the liver, hair, eyes, skin and nerves.

It is a coenzyme which means itís needed for the production of energy. Biotin aids in the process of breaking down food and producing energy. It helps with the breakdown of carbs and fats into glucose as well as working proteins to form amino acids. It is this use that makes it so widely studied in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

What Is Biotin Used For?biotin vitamins for hair

This powerful vitamin supplement is used by people with brittle nails, diabetes, weak hair, slow growing hair and other conditions. It is so useful because it promotes health of cells, metabolism, skin, nerves and your digestive tract. In some cases it has been used for treatment of nerve pathology. Peripheral neuropathy can be the result of diabetes or kidney failure and has been found to respond to biotin.

There have been numerous studies on the benefits of biotin supplements. These studies have been performed on chicks and rats. The results show that the bioavailability of biotin can be variable to low and is dependent on their diet. The name of vitamin H comes from the German language and the H stands in for Haar und Haut, which translates to skin and hair. This is due to the fact it aids in hair and nail health, among other benefits.


Currently there isnít a really accurate lab test that proves there is a deficiency in this vitamin. This means doctors and patients are left to use symptoms to diagnose. Frequently, those who have a biotin deficiency will have thinning hair or even a loss of color. They may also experience tingling in their legs and arms as well as depression, exhaustion and even hallucinations. In addition people suffering from a lack of this important vitamin may see rashes that are scaly and red around their mouth, nose and eyes. It is thought that diabetes, smoking and alcohol can all lead to a deficiency in biotin.

What Can Biotin Supplements Treat?

There are many studies indicating biotin is excellent in treating hair loss. Many report that when ingested with zinc and using a cream on the skin or scalp results will be seen. It can also be used to assist with stabilizing blood sugars in those who suffer from diabetes. In this instance it is best taken in combination with chromium. Biotin has been used to reduce nerve pain in diabetics.

Finally, it is a common suggested treatment for those who have brittle toenails or fingernails. Most importantly, biotin is good for hair growth and improving its strength. It helps improve the health of Keratin development, protein bonds, and has been shown very effective (especially when used in conjunction with other nutrients) to increase shine, softness, and smoothness - improving your hair's manageability, and decreasing frizz and split-ends.

Possible Side-Effects Or Problems

So far this vitamin has no known side effects. In addition it is safe enough that some doctors will even suggest their pregnant or breast-feeding patients take it. In addition no reactions to other drugs have been reported. It is water-soluble so overdosing would be very difficult.

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