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What Minerals Are Key For Strong Hair?

One of the biggest concerns people have about their looks is their hair. There are hundreds of products all promising to give you a better head of hair, but not too many of them will give you the result that you expect unless you have the proper nutrition. What many people do not know is that better and stronger hair could be had the moment that you change your diet or add supplements to it.

You could get stronger hair by going to your pantry, your fridge or your supplement cabinet. You should know what minerals are the ones that will help you the most when you are looking to have the stronger head of hair that you always wanted.


If you are looking for healthy and stronger hair from your minerals then you have to start with Iron. Iron is used in the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin. It is involved in oxygenation of red blood cells. This increases circulation and helps maintain hair growth. Unfortunately, a lot of people have an iron deficiency in their diet.

While supplements make up for the deficiency, you can also get it from your diet. Spinach for example is a food that is rich in iron. Other leafy greens are also great for iron consumption, but spinach is king. You can also get iron from eggs, fish and red meat. People with a vegetarian or vegan diet are more likely to have an iron deficiency so supplements may be the best way for them to get the amounts needed.


Zinc is another mineral that you need to consume if you want to have stronger hair. The way Zinc works is by strengthening the follicles of the hair which prevents shedding. In addition, zinc promotes cell growth which will help your hair grow. In addition, it helps repair tissues and promotes healthy tissue growth.

A simple pull test can tell you if you need to strengthen your hair follicles. You can get Zinc from foods which are rich in proteins, and that of course means red meats. Salmon is another great source for Zinc and proteins. Finally for those in a vegetarian diet, it is recommended that you consume beans as a protein substitute. If you are in a restrictive diet, then it is important that you take supplements with Zinc to prevent hair loss. Zinc is necessary for stronger hair, and the supplements can help you get to the right percentage.

Other Minerals

There are other minerals that will help the strength of your hair. Calcium, which helps build keratin that is vital for hair growth, is very important for strong hair and it can be found in nuts, dairy products and beans. Also make sure that you are consuming enough Magnesium. The combination of Magnesium and Calcium helps promote hair growth. Magnesium is consumed when you eat nuts, whole grains, green vegetables and fish.

The last mineral that you should be consuming is copper, as it also helps promote the health of follicles. Copper helps with lowered cell death of follicles and promotes proliferation of cell follicles. Copper is a bit harder to get, but you can get it from shellfish, nuts, soybeans, green veggies and legumes. If you keep a balanced diet with those minerals you will find that your hair looks and feels better.
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