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Useful tips for Color Treated Hair

Colored treated hair always throws up challenges and you need that extra bit of attention to maintain it. Some of the tips below should help you in the exercise of maintaining your colored hair and hair care in general..

Coloring Gray Hair

When all or most of the pigments leave the hair shaft, gray or white hair begins to surface. When compared to pigmented hair, these colorless heads tend to be coarser. Therefore, the process of coloring varies a bit for gray hair from pigmented hair.

Softeningsulfate free shampoo for color treated hair

Your gray hair may need softening so that the artificial pigment can penetrate your hardened hair shaft. Softening will increase the porosity of the hair and allow more pigment to set in. A combination of shampoo, developer and sometimes bleach is used to achieve this. The hair color should be allowed to stay for about 45 minutes and with more time, the results would be even better. The color you select should be one shade darker than the target color.

Color that is fading and refuses to stay

There can be many causes for this phenomenon. Chlorine in the water you use could be among the causes and a water filter to clean out the chlorine can address the problem to a large degree. Excess porosity is another factor and can be identified as such if the ends are fading.

Color fillers will be useful in this situation and can be obtained from any beauty supply store. If you do the coloring on your own then choosing the clear filler will be better for you. At times, the hair color brand may not be suited for you and you could try switching the brands.

Pregnancy and Hair Coloring

Some doctors opine that it is better to stay away from hair coloring almost throughout the pregnancy and if not, atleast during the first 12 weeks. Though there is little evidence to support this, whatever you put on your skin or scalp seeps into your blood stream. Doctors and colorists alike can have different opinions on this subject.

Green Hair

There can be two major reasons for your hair turning green. Chlorine in the water you use or a blotched hair coloring job are generally the culprits.

If Chlorine is identified to be the problem, you can overcome that with a clarifying shampoo once a week or buy a water filter. In the other case, a red based toner should be helpful. You can also try mixing a scoop of hair bleach, developer and shampoo in a bowl and apply it to wet hair for 2 minutes. You can watch the green disappear and then rinse well.

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