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Top Hairstyles Trends for Winter

Though the weather is bitter cold, hairstyle trends are hot! In regards to hairstyles, dip-dying remains a trend, and the use of oils and slick gels is rising in popularity. Achieving a “look” using products seems to be more fashionable, and long hair is definitely in. Consider some of the following trendsetters:

Dip-Dying or Ombre Color

This has been a huge trend and is not ready to go away just yet. The difference this season is the colors have been toned down and you may now see an auburn-to-blond ombre toning, or blonde-to-pink. Also look for colors that mix muted purples into ash and brown tones like high lights and low lights for a different type of mixed dipping and dying. To achieve this look it’s best to use a professional stylist and provide follow care with high quality products to protect and prolong. There are, however, new colors coming onto the market daily and several are temporary using colored powder instead of dyes or tints.

Seeing Red

All shades of copper and red are in this Winter. Copper and red hues will warm mature skin, brighten everyone and are endlessly fun as highlights. Red is a brilliant way to lighten brunette and hide grey. It adds lowlights as well as highlights, depending on the shade and it looks gorgeous in waves or straight-dos. With color it’s always most wise to use a professional salon so you achieve the best results. You can also use temporary dyes such as Cosamo that will bleed-out after several weeks. Cosamo “Love Your Color” comes in a variety of colors so you can match something close to your hair color to experiment and test.

Glamour Waves

Waves of all sorts are in this season, and the tools are out there to make them easy. Whether you are seeking massive waves or tightly crimped curls, there is a crimper, iron or curlers to do that and they come in all price ranges. There are also products such as Nourish’s Spray Shine that make those curls shiny and manageable so they will look healthier and more glamorous than ever this year. Make sure when using hair dryers and curling irons to use a product that protects against heat damage. We also recommend using a heat protectant such as Nourish’s Thermal Protector.

Fringy Bangs

Huge fringes fading to the sides look glamorous whether with straight hair or waves, and are being seen at many major style houses, notably, Pucci, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs. To achieve this look a cut and set with your favorite stylist is recommended.

The Wet Look

Prada and other houses wore a style that looked as though the model had just stepped out of a shower and onto the runway. This wet look can be in tousled locks or a low-slung pony-tail, or even a bun, and it can carry through your work day. To achieve the look, wash and use a styling gel or leave-in conditioner of your choice. Work through hair from the ends up and be liberal with its use. Style as per your preference.

The Return of the Romantic Look

Remember those 1950s and 60s romance movie stars? Their hairdos were beehives and French twists with coquettish eye makeup to match. To achieve the look, use a volumizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Follow by spritzing with a medium-to-firm hold finishing spray like Nourish Nature’s Hold and dry, fluffing from the roots out. Finish the style by twisting upwards and using bobby pins to hold. Spray to set.

Punk Rock Revival

Modified and colored, softened Mohawks, quaffs that pouf a bit past what’s expected, pixies that spike and are colored in the new dip and dye method; that’s the punk rock revival. To achieve this look, head to the nearest wild stylist and flip through the magazines for something that works for you. Make sure you keep some styling gel, mousse or a root booster close by…!

Sixties to Seventies Retro Hair

It seems the sixties and seventies hairstyles were only “out of style” during the 70’s and 80’s; since then, these retro looks have continued to make a comeback every decade since! Get the classic bob without cutting your hair and be a style sensation. Simply curl hair and set with a holding spray. Bunch and hold at the back of your neck with a natural colored tie, twist and fold up and under. Pin to hold and spritz with a soft hold spray.

Natural Looking Hair

Try skipping the blow dryer and using natural oils to hold shine and moisture. Light use of common oils for hair such as Emu Oil, Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil are best for styling without making the style look oily or too slick. Argan Oil is especially helpful for improving shine, adding moisture and reducing drying time (read reduced damage) if using a blower or iron. If you’re hair is chronically dry, try using Emu Oil for some heavy-duty hydration. Wind still damp hair and let air dry for lose curls. Use braids to hold styles and create a look. If using hairspray make sure it’s moisture rich and light hold.

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