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Tips to finding the Right Hair Style for You

Too thin and too thick hair is equally bothersome and you will need some advice and tips to manage your hair style. You have possibly tried several methods or hairstyles, but with little success. We provide below some useful suggestions which have received wide acclaim from several individuals.

Whether you're looking for a new short hairstyle, a bobbed hairstyle, a wedge hairstyle or a new, hip seventies hairstyle, read on for styling and hair care ideas.

Managing thick hair

The first thing that you could do is to find a hair stylist who specializes in thick hair and have your hair cut and thinned. Once this is done, you will have a smoother and slicker appearance. You could also consider keeping your hair shorter like in a Bob or Crop or just wear it extra long. With short hair, you will have a trendy look, while the length will help to weigh the hair down making it more manageable and looking smoother.

Straightening and relaxing your hair

Straightening and relaxing your hair is essentially the job of your hairstylist and the process uses harsh chemicals. Therefore, you should not be trying this at home and would do you loads of good if you entrust the job to someone with many years of experience doing this work. Relaxing products from your neighborhood drug store has not been known to work well and may even put your hair at the risk of permanent damage.

Coloring your thick hair

Some of you may love changing the color of your hair at frequent intervals. But, if you have thick hair, it is best to avoid changing the color of your hair. The hair shafts automatically swell when you color your thick hair rendering it even thicker.


Quality de-frizzing products are necessary to retain the smoothness of your hair and help it look sleeker. There are several effective and affordable products available in the market. Always keep your hair clean with a good moisturizing shampoo to prevent your hair from drying out.

Your hair can frizz when it dries out and make it appear larger and out of control. When using shampoo, you can dilute it with three parts of water than use the concentrated version straight.

Blow drying your hair

When you blow dry your hair it will appear thick and full. It can however help, only when you do it right. The best way is to use a shampoo with a moisturizer, followed by a good conditioner, rinsing well. Rinsing should be done with cold water and blotted with a towel. After this, apply a leave-in conditioner using a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles.
At this point, you can divide the hair into two four inch sections, blowing each section dry at a time.

You can use a paddle brush to blow downward, going from the middle of the hair to the ends. This will help the ends to lie flat. If you blow the air upwards, you would cause the cuticles to puff up and look larger. Work with each section slowly and when done, apply a gel to keep the hair slick.
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