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The Correlation Of Exercise & Healthy Hair

Lack of physical activity will definitely lead to brittle or lusterless hair. Itís a surprising fact but there is a direct correlation to exercise and healthy hair. If you spend endless amounts of time in front of your computer or TV and have a bad posture then rest assured, you will have unhealthy hair.

Such behavior or posture results in the poor circulation of blood in the head. Combined with the ill effect of stress and age, it makes for a potent combination when it comes to hair loss. Like any other part of the body, your hair needs nutrition, as well as, exercise.

Increase Flexibility

You simply cannot exercise your scalp; hence you must exercise those parts of the body that will directly promote the circulation in your scalp. Hence you must undertake those exercises that increase the flexibility of your neck and back.

Once the blood is circulated in a proper manner, nourishment of the hair follicles will take place, and these result in hair that is healthier and more in volume.

Exercise Help you Relax

Extreme pressure at work and also at home is the order of the day, in these modern times. You are under constant pressure to perform both at work and at home. In the meanwhile, your health goes for a toss and more often than not you will suffer from severe stress. This results in irrevocable hair loss.

Exercise not only gives you flexibility of muscles, but also helps you relax and feel happy. All in all, this combination will be good for your hair.

Exercise and Diet

You must combine your exercise with a generally nutritious diet. This is great way to combat hair loss and have healthy hair. After all, hair is also a part of your body, and if the body gets nourishment, so do the hair. If you do suffer from a continuous hair loss, you must take in a vitamin friendly diet as they would help in hair growth and the strengthening of hair.

No Medication

Regular exercise precludes the need to take medication for your hair loss problem. Itís a long process but an effective one. More importantly, you no longer have to search high and low for those miraculous drugs that claim to minimize hair fall. It has been medically proven that exercise helps in the re-invigoration of the body, and at the same assisting the hair growth.

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