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Secrets To Brushing Your Hair

To straighten your hair, you need long hair brushing. Selection of right tools is important for hair care and stacking of hair. Combing long hair is the most simple and necessary procedure for the care of long hair and is an integral part of stacking of hair. The hair brush is an important tool.

Selecting the Right Hair Brush

A hair brush with inaccurate seams and sharp teeth can injure the skin of your head and will tear your hair. The length of your hair will determine the choice of brushes and hairbrushes. Latino hair products can also be hard to find, but it is possible just look for natural products that fit your specific hair type.

For dense or long hair, brushes with well-spaced teeth are better and a fine toothed comb will fit short hairstyles. A massaging brush having firm teeth with tips, on a rubber pillow is useful to massage your scalp.

The round brush will be ideal for long hair brushing. The teeth on the round brush should be smooth to prevent damage to wet hair which will be fragile after washing. Take care to maintain your brushes neat and clean at all times because unclean brushes can usher in unwanted problems for you.

Using the hair dryer

Practically every woman uses a hair drier to dry up or lay her hair. But few appreciate that frequent use of hot air to dry your hair leads to your hair becoming fragile dry and dim. The best solution therefore, is to have driers with regulators for warm and cold air.

The fundamental rules of using a hair drier are – never hold the drier too close to your head and keep a distance of at least 20 inches. Do not hold the drier at one spot for long periods of time. Do not dry wet hair with a drier; instead, you should wet your hair all over again slightly with a wet towel.

The Hairdo

Once you are finished with the long hair brushing, it is time for a hairdo. You can use an electro nipper to lay your hair after you have dried it. Notice however that you cannot use an electro nipper when the hair is still wet. Before stacking, you can put some means of stacking i.e., other than a fixing agent.

Constant use of the Electro nipper can be harmful to your hair and use of hair curlers should be even more sparing. Depending on the type and condition of the hair, you can select hair curlers of the size and form that fits your needs best.

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