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STM Scar and Stretchmarks Cream
STM Scar and Stretchmarks Cream - Our best cream for stretch marks | Helps Remove Scars and Stretch marks

Our Best Cream for Stretch Marks and Scars!

Helps eliminate scarring & renews healthy skin growth! The best treatment for stretch marks, acne scar removal, stretch mark removal, and scars from surgery!

  • Helps reduce, repair and prevent stretcmarks and scars
  • Tightens the elasticity of the skin, improving the appearance
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid and Matrixyl 3000 gets deeper down with our Emu Oil acting as a carrier oil for maximum results

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STM Stretch Marks and Scar Cream

Our best cream for stretch marks! Scars and stretch marks reduced with advanced stretch mark cream. STM Scar and Stretchmarks Cream uses advanced Peptides and Emu Oil in a natural cream base to reduce skin scars and marks from weight loss, pregnancy, childbirth or surgery.

Matrxyl 3000 and a serious Omega blend reduce the appearance of scars and marks. Get rid of stretch marks and scars quickly and safely leaving renewed, healthy skin. For pregnancy, recommend use should begin in the second trimester for prevention of stretch marks and stretch mark removal.

  • Helps eliminate & repair scars and marks
  • Moisturizes and hydrates encouraging pliability
  • Promotes mark-free, healthy skin growth
  • Matrixyl 3000 firms and helps smooth
  • Omega 3, 6, & 9 promote healthy collagen and elastin fibers

Treats acne scars and scars from c-sections, surgery, plastic surgery and injury

Best treatment for stretch marks includes natural butters and emu oil that has also been patented for the treatment of scars and marks all over the body. This treatment uses a unique carrier to penetrate deep into the stretchmarks where it helps to heal the skin from the inside out.

This means that there is internal healing of the skin. People often ask - is there a way to get rid of stretch marks? Or the best way! We believe STM Scar Cream is the best way!

Advanced Formula for Marks and Scars

Emu oil is the only product that penetrates deep enough to heal a stretched scar where the tear occurs and it takes other healing ingredients with it. The strongest ingredients available on the market. All natural!

Stretch marks cream- consists of emu oil, aloe vera butter, shea butter, collagen, vitamin e other and super strong collagen builders.

  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and promotes stretch mark removal
  • Emu Oil penetrates deep and revitalizes
  • Aloe and Shea Butter smooth and soften
  • Vitamin E provides free-radical damage protection

These ingredients will help remove damaged skin cells and produce collagen rich new cells resulting in a much healthier skin where stretchmarks once were. These ingredients have been recommended by plastic surgeons before resorting to plastic surgery or laser treatment for marks. Guaranteed for 45 days!

For Prevention and Elimination of Skin Scars!

When Matrixyl 3000 hit the market it had already been tested and proven to reduce skin scars and stretch marks in a test that cost the manufacturer a large amount of money and time to prove. Since then it has been a staple in the manufacturers creams for stretch marks and skin scars.

Pregnant mothers and work-out fanatics as well teens that grow too fast or those of that gain too much weight should all be happy to hear that Matrixyl 3000 works well in a stretch mark cream to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and skin scars - but we did not stop there.

After our own research we found that the deeper that we could Matrixyl 3000 into the skin the better it would be at reducing those marks and scars. So after checking several carriers for our creams we came emu oil and found that after significant research by the University of Texas it was deemed to not only be a great carrier by mimicking the skin and slipping through but it too also helps to repair skin scars and stretch marks.

By combining healing butters, Matrixyl 3000 copper peptides, Emu oil and other natural herbal ingredients we found that the result was the most advanced cream on the market for stretch marks. These strong ingredients work together to offer ingredients that most other creams cannot! If you have stretch marks then we strongly suggest that you try NOURISH STM SCAR CREAM.

We often hear back from customers on the results of our products and we are proud to say that this cream has a less than .5% return rate. That means that less than 1 person out of a 100 return this product. It is truly a remarkable product that takes about 45 days for optimal results so start now for the summer months.

Advantages of Emu Oil in Skin Care for Stretch Marks

Research has proven that Emu Oil has been extremely beneficial in preventing and lessening stretch marks. Our stretch mark system contains pure cosmetic grade Emu Oil as the primary ingredient!
Dr. Margaret Craig-Schmidt, Associate Professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Auburn University. "Stretch marks, such as those acquired during pregnancy, can be prevented by application of Emu Oil. Additionally, application of Emu Oil diminishes or completely erases existing stretch marks." ET&T. April '96, U.S. Patent #5,472,713, Therapeutic Uses of Emu Oil.

Skin Scars and Stretch Marks

When skin is stretched excessively it causes tiny rips and tears in the second layer of skin, and in many cases the top layer of skin, leaving stretchmarks. The loss of Collagen and Elastin fibers causes scarring. They can vary in color from a light pink to a dark purple. Over a very long period of time, usually years, and can fade in color, however the skin scars remain. Now there is a solution or treatment that can help fast.

Some people are more likely to get stretched scars than other women, however anyone can get them. Both men and women can get them. Several factors can contribute to their formation, including:

  • Skin Type - Dryer skin has less elasticity than oily skin
  • Rapid Weight Gain - Stretch marks occur during pregnancy and body building
  • Expansion from having children to weight gain

Finally! Repair Stretchmarks and Help Prevent their Occurrence!

STM Stretch Mark Therapy is a unique concentrated combination of skin rebuilding nutrients including Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, and a revolutionary healing and penetrating oil called Emu Oil.

Containing high concentrations of a near perfect balance of Oleic (Omega 3) and Linolenic (Omega 6) Acids (unsaturated fatty acids that the skin needs but the body cannot produce), and Palmitic Acid (regenerates new skin cell growth), Emu Oil transports all of these building blocks through the Epidermis directly to the Dermis where they are absorbed and consequently repair the scar tissue where the damage actually occurred. Without a high concentration of Emu Oil, which is also a rich source of natural Vitamin E, these essential nutrients cannot be utilized by the Dermis. This is why other products are not very effective.

This stretch mark therapy - The ingredients do not simply "help eliminate the appearance" of stretchmarks, but rather eliminates them by permanently repairing the damaged skin and scar tissue. It is not only for women, but also for body builders who have "pumped up" too quickly as well as adolescents whose fast growth has caused stretch marks.

Applied twice a day, most people see some results in the appearance of the skin within three to four weeks. For more noticeable results, eight to twelve weeks is required. For severely damaged skin or very old scars, 12 to 16 weeks or longer is necessary for healthy looking skin. For treating old scars, use STM PLUS Scar Treatment. A maximum strength formula.

Emu Oil is a revolutionary healing and penetrating agent which is derived from the Australian Emu Bird, a six to eight foot tall flightless bird. It has been studied in the United States for the past seven years and has been written up in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Several universities including Boston University, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Indiana University School of Medicine, and Auburn University have been involved in many years of research studying the effects of Emu oil on the skin.

Through this research, Emu oil has been shown to have 5 major beneficial properties to the skin. Results are proven Dr. John Berstein, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Dermatology and Biochemistry at Texas, that Emu oil is penetrating, emulsifying, won't clog pores, will not irritate, and is a great moisturizer.

Dr. Berstein feels that the most important benefit for cosmetic creams, treatments and pharmaceutical companies is its penetrating qualities. He stated a medicated cream will not do much good if the medicine cannot penetrate the skin barrier.

"Oleic acid is, and has been used to carry bioactive compounds and treatments through the skin, and this was the highest fatty acid that was found in Emu oil." Omega 9 Fatty Acids have been studied and found to be very effective for skin scars.

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Made in the USA
  • Eliminates scars and stretchmarks
  • Moisturizes and hydrates
  • Renew healthy skin growth
  • Best cream for stretch marks
  • Matrixyl firms skin
  • Emu Oil penetrates deep and revitalizes
  • Omega 3, 6, & 9 promotes healthy skin
  • Advanced stretch mark cream
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and promotes stretch mark removal
  • Treats acne scar removal