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Rejuvenate Color Treated Hair Kit
Rejuvenate Colored Hair Kit

Rejuvenate healthy, pigment-rich color-treated hair!

Maintain and extend color life, promote healthy follicle growth, and infuse moisture, vital nutrients and vitamins!

  • Adds brilliance and intensity to color treatments
  • Extends color life, pigmentation & hue
  • Guards against color life due to styling, heat and chemical treatments
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Size: Rejuvenating Hair Color Kit

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Rejuvenate Color Treated Hair Kit

Rejuvenate and add brilliance to color, hue and pigmentation! Helps maintain and protect color treatments and prolong color helping guard against color loss due to excessive heat, styling and color treatments!

All the top-selling products needed to rejuvenate healthy, pigment-rich. Helps maintain and extend color life, promote healthy follicle growth, and infuse moisture and vital nutrients and vitamins! Keeping The Color Shampoo, Silk Protein Conditioner & Hair Nutrition Vitamins
- all developed for improved hair & scalp health and vibrant color!

Keeping the Color Shampoo

Protein-enriched moisturizing shampoo for chemically treated hair!

Uniquely strengthens and restores moisture to hair weakened by chemical processes and sun exposure. Restores shine and manageability with botanical extracts and gentle natural oils. Reduces color lost between services. Keeping The Color Shampoo - A Moisture & Color Lock! This is a protein enriched dream for colored, permed or highlighted hair.

Infuses treated hair with everything that it needs to restore health to the hair. Healthy Hair holds color and treatments longer and you can forget that dull drab look that comes 2 weeks after color. Enrich your hair - replenish your hair. Works great with Transparent Sealer to hold in moisture!

This is not about prolonging color treatments even though it does do that. It is a protein enriched shampoo that is going to replace what perms, color and other chemical treatments steal from your hair. Smells wonderful and leaves hair very rejuvenated!
  • Restore moisture balance in color treated hair
  • Repairs damage done by hair color
  • Rebuilds protein strands that are damaged during highlights, color and treatments
  • Great smell, works great for a daily shampoo
  • Adds volume, lift and shine

Replenishes depleted- colored hair while making color treatments last longer. A color must have! Don't wait for dry, lifeless hair to do something about it! Replenish what treatments steal with "Keeping the Color" A natural fragrance that smells great and leaves hair full and the shiniest, healthiest it can be!

Silk Protein Conditioner

Adjustable conditioning for all Hair types

Silk Protein & Natural Botanical Extracts. Dry damaged and chemically treated hair benefits from treatment with protein and amino acids that can penetrate and rebuild damaged hair due to differing molecular weights. Botanicals strengthen and revitalize the hair shaft. Instant conditioning releases exceptional manageability and healthy luster to stressed, depleted hair.

Guaranteed to leave hair very soft and very protected from heat, sun and wind. It is a must have to seal in the hair's perfect balance of moisture and proteins that Keeping the Color shampoo and back to your hair!

Silk Protein Conditioner rebuilds proteins so that hair will grow the way that it should. Protect hair against sun and wind damage as well. A great head of hair comes from these two products. If you are focusing on growth then use these products. Deep conditions dry damaged and chemically treated hair in just 60 seconds. No need to spend up to 15 minutes waiting for results like other deep conditioning products recommended.
  • Our #1 selling Hair Conditioner
  • Restores damaged hair
  • Very natural based
  • Contains UVA and UVB to protect hair

Hair Nutrition Vitamins

Develops healthier, pigment-rich hair growth

All natural hair vitamins designed to deliver nutrition for faster and healthier hair growth.

Today’s hair suffers from lack of nutrition. This is due to shampoos that strip hair, chemicals that deplete hair, sun and chlorine that damage hair and diets that lack the nutrition combination that our hair needs.

This is typical but without rejuvenation depletion can results in serious hair problems including breakage, fall, slow growing, split ends, dullness, aged hair etc…

  • Faster growing hair
  • Grow your hair out
  • Healthier hair that won't break as much, A top seller for us
  • A vitamin can change the health of your hair

Coloring Hair Can Damage Your Hair
Coloring Hair can strip hair of proteins. Replace these proteins and rejuvenate colored hair!

Coloring hair, highlighting, perming and even blow drying hair deplete hair of vital bonds in the hair known as the sulfur bond that is held together with amino acids and proteins in the hair. When the hair becomes depleted these problems occur. Hair must be replenished or your hair will start looking old!
  • Rebuilds Proteins structure and damaged hair
  • The best shampoo to rebuild damaged and depleted hair that is caused by hair coloring products
  • Silk Protein Conditioner protects while rebuilding hair
  • Hair Nutrition Vitamins work from the inside out to get hair its healthiest and to resist damage caused by hair coloring and color procedure including perms and highlights.

"I have had my hair colored and permed for years. I finally realized that my hair was void of nutrition. My hair dresser explained that the color process depletes hair. However all the products she gave didn't do much. I found your "Keeping the Color" Blue protein enriched shampoo. What a huge difference!

Katie Dean - Seattle Washington

"I knew that the treatments were causing my hair to become more fly away so I tried everything. Nothing really worked and some actually seemed to make it worse. I understand that this was the sodium laurel sulfate found in most shampoos. On a friend's suggestion I tried your "Keeping the Color shampoo and Silk Protein Conditioner. The results have been amazing and continue to make my hair so shiny and controllable. It is literally night and day! I went from having probably the worst hair to having this movie star hair"

Katherine Cranen- Dallas Texas

"I bought your colored hair kit to prolong the color which it did. It also made me realize how unhealthy my hair was before. I am repeat customer for good!"

Jan Atkinson - Tuscon AZ

Made in the USA

  • adds brilliant shine and smoothness
  • extends and prolongs color treatments
  • protein enriched
  • moisturizing shampoo
  • for chemically treated hair
  • natural oils
  • botanical extracts
  • restores shine and manageability
  • helps guard against color loss and fading