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ProFolla AnaStim Ha and Dermal An Kit
ProFolla AnaStim Ha and Dermal An Kit Hair Loss Kit

Our best hair loss kit! Stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth!

Trichogen topical applications promote Anagen phase follicle growth while blocking DHT and 5 alpha reductase enzymes.

  • Helps stop hair loss & stimulates hair growth!
  • Best-selling AnaStim HA hair growth stimulant spray- 8% Trichogen
  • Dermal An - DHT Blocker - topical concentrate 12% Trichogen
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Size: 8 fl oz, 2 fl oz - Complete Hair Loss Kit

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Profolla Hair Loss Kit - Like Our Anastim and Dermal An? Try our Follicle Stimulator and Enzy Block! We are phasing out of the Profolla Line

A complete Hair Loss Kit from ProFolla - The leader in advanced hair care products!

AnaStim Ha is the top-selling follicle stimulator on the market - guaranteed to stimulate new hair growth and promote Anagen phase hair growth. A rich 8% Trichogen formula combined with Jojoba Oil and B12 Vitamin complex for natural hair growth.

Dermal An blocks 5 Alpha Reductase enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT - leading to "diffuse" hair loss. Dermal An combines a prescription-strength 12% Trichogen formula with Arginine and a concentrated botanical complex clinically-proven to block DHT and stop or reverse male and female hair loss!

The most potent and successful combination for hair loss and natural hair growth!

ProFolla AnaStim Ha

Stimulate Hair Growth and Restore Natural Growing Hair!

AnaStim Ha from ProFolla Hair Products is a hair growth stimulant spray that promotes Anagen phase hair growth while blocking early stage DHT! Topical scalp 8% Trichogen and Vitamin complex application for faster hair growth, arresting hair loss and for thinning hair!

AnaStim Ha follicle stimulator delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair growth with a Trichogen Complex Formula that stimulates natural growth and development and leaves hair vibrant.

Stimulate natural hair growth with this concentrated hair accelerator that feeds follicles with nutrients, minerals and vitamins while stimulating circulation and stopping temporary male and female hair loss. Highest concentration (8%) Trichogen formula - clinically proven to stimulate natural hair growth - invigorating, light Spearmint & Vanilla fragrance.
  • Concentrated 8% Trichogen formula
  • Heals and moisturizes
  • Stimulates circulation and hair growth
  • Clinically proven to stimulate new hair growth
  • Spearmint & Vanilla botanicals
  • Convenient, easy to use daily spray

ProFolla Dermal An

Advanced DHT Blocking Complex for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

12% concentrated Trichogen formula, Zinc and herbal extract combine for the strongest, most effective formula to block DHT enzyme production that leads to temporary hair loss. Clinically proven to help reduce hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. Dermal An from ProFolla Hair Products is a concentrated new hair growth stimulant for thinning hair and hair loss. This hair growth accelerate stimulates new hair growth and works effectively to block enzymatic DHT hormones.

Dermal An DHT blocker is a concentrated topical application that reduces hair loss in men and women and thickens hair with no side effects. Applied to the scalp once per day, Dermal An blocks DHT, a major contributor to temporary hair loss and to more permanent hair loss if not treated. Simply massaged into the scalp, Dermal An acts quickly and effectively with Trichogen and herbal extracts such as Ginseng root extract, Arginine, Biotin, and Arctium Majus to simulate circulation and carry nutrients, proteins, and vitamins to the follicle root restoring natural hair growth.

Male and some female hair loss are related to hormones that change from testosterone to dihydratestosterone or DHT. As DHT forms in the sebum gland and scalp, it attaches to the androgen receptors or predisposed follicle bulbs. DHT destroys the blood supply to the hair and will act to thin hair, cause fall out, and accelerate hair loss.
  • Helps to improve circulation
  • Blocks DHT no side effects
  • Effective to restore natural hair growth
  • Over 90% of women that use the ingredients found in Dermal An have had great success.

Dermal An blocks the enzyme that must be present for DHT to form. This enzyme is called 5 alpha reductase. Blocking the enzyme is important but equally important is adding extreme amounts of vitamins and aminos to your diet. This is because the hair has been malnourished and must be jump started. This is why scalp stimulation is also important to establish blood supply. Until this blood supply is again established the hair must be fed by the root and this means topically.

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Made in the USA
  • Stop Hair Loss & Stimulate Hair Growth!
  • Top-selling AnaStim HA hair growth stimulant - 8% Trichogen
  • Dermal An - DHT Blocker for hair loss - concentrated 12% Trichogen
  • Delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair growth
  • Heals scalp and moisturizes
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Leaves hair vibrant
  • Stimulate natural hair growth
  • Feeds follicles with nutrient, proteins and amino acids
  • Clinically proven to stimulate hair growth & stop hair loss
  • Spearmint & Vanilla botanicals
  • Convenient, easy to use spray