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Itchy scalp is a condition where you experience recurring itching of the skin on your head. In the medical field, itchy scalp can be an indication of a much more serious health problem known as scalp psoriasis. When you are afflicted with scalp psoriasis, the doctor examining your scalp may observe scalp inflammation and redness.

You may also find that you are losing hair which also results in thinning. These symptoms may also indicate that you may have seborrhea dermatitis or perhaps touch sensitive allergies instead, if not scalp psoriasis. Whichever of these you have, the fact is that no one wants to become bald (especially women) so you will need a good hair care product for scalp psoriasis to relieve, treat and resolve your itchy scalp problem.itchy scalp shampoo

Fortunately for us, Healthy Hair Plus has come out with not just one, but two good products that both aim to relieve you of your itchy scalp problem. The first is known as Follicleanse, which, as its name suggests, targets the roots or follicles of your strands where oily sebum and bacteria tend to collect and thrive.

With Follicleanse, any case of seborrheic dermatitis can be treated because this condition is caused by accumulation of unnecessary sebum which then triggers an allergic reaction on your scalp. This product can also relieve psoriasis which is basically a condition where your skin cells reproduce at an abnormal rate.

The second product is Emu Oil Shampoo whose core ingredient is Emu Oil. Unlike other animal-based oils, the oil extracted from the Emu bird has been shown to have therapeutic effects on human skin, including the skin of the scalp. When you apply Emu Oil on your scalp, you may find the skin layers to eventually become thicker while skin cell production is normalized. Again, like the Follicleanse product, Emu Shampoo can stop psoriasis from progressing or worsening.

The people behind Healthy Hair Plus advise users to use one product (say, Follicleanse) for two days straight at first, then switch to the other product (namely Emu Shampoo) for the next two days. For every two days thereafter, keep switching the products to get the best results.

If you suffer specifically from psoriasis, you will be relieved to find out that you can use two other hair care along with the Follicleanse Shampoo to eliminate that itchy scalp condition. You may opt, first of all, to use Follicleanse then rinse and then apply your regular shampoo. After which, you can rely on the No Weight Conditioner

Why did Healthy Hair Plus come up with products specifically for scalp psoriasis? The plain simple reason is that the owner of the company used to be troubled by his psoriasis too, which led him to look for solutions to relieve him of this maddening itchy scalp problem. Fortunately for him and us, he succeeded in this endeavor. Now the public can avail of all these products from Healthy Hair Plus so that they will suffer from itchy scalp no more.

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Sfree Emu Oil Cream Rinse Sfree Emu Oil Cream Rinse

Emu Oil Cream Rinse Conditioner hydrates & leaves hair soft and shiny. Rich in Omega 3's! Sulfate, paraben and fragrance-free. Promotes healthy growth and scalp health. Moisture-rich formula smooths, improves shine and adds vital nutrition!

List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $11.95
You save $3.05!
sfree CLARIFY Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo 50% OFF Sfree Clarify Shampoo

sfree Clarify is our favorite sulfate-free clarifying shampoo for cleaning oil, dirt & product residue!  Sulfate-free, paraben-free, sfree Clarify is an excellent shampoo for oily hair, dandruff, flakes and itching. Gentle on damage-prone scalp and sensitive hair! Ideal for color-treated and chemically-treated hair!

List Price $18.00
Our Price: $13.98
You save $4.02!
Healthy Hair Plus Psoriasis Shampoo Psoriasis Shampoo

One of our best Psoriasis Shampoos to treat flaking, itching & soothe inflammation and redness. Emu Oil & Menthol extract help suppress scalp tissue irritation and bumps while Jojoba Oil, Keratin and amino acids to restore hair and scalp health.

List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $14.99
You save $7.01!
Anti Fungal Conditioner Anti Fungal Conditioner

Using emu oil this natural conditioner gives helps ease painful or swollen areas on the scalp. It heals while helping stop infections.

Our Price: $16.00
Anti Fungal Shampoo and Conditioner Anti Fungal Shampoo & Conditioner

Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial shampoo and conditioner formulas work great for scalp pimples, inflammation and psoriasis. Wash away fungal colonies, grime and oil build-up while treating sore, red scalp.

Our Price: $26.99
Follicleanse Shampoo and Conditioner - 12 oz Follicleanse Shampoo & Conditioner - 12 oz

New 12 fl oz size! Our best-selling shampoo and conditioner for cleansing build-up, residue and for reducing dandruff, oily hair and scalp and for addressing inflammation, itchiness and common scalp problems. Zinc and natural plant extract formulas!

List Price: $32.00
Our Price: $28.99
You save $3.01!
Emu Oil Hair Kit Emu Oil Hair Kit

Emu Oil shampoo, conditioner + 100%, Grade A Emu Oil fortified with Vitamin E!  Excellent for adding moisture for dry, brittle or damaged hair. Ideal for dry scalp and common dry scalp problems such as itching, flakes, and irritation! Rich in Omega 3, 6, & 9!

List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $39.99
You save $10.01!
Anti Fungal Scalp Treatment Kit Anti Fungal Scalp Treatment Kit

Emu Oil has been tested and proven to kill fungus and bacteria. Emu Oil is a natural Anti Fungal and one of the top carrier oils available so it will get deep down below the dermis layer for maximum results.

List Price: $46.97
Our Price: $42.99
You save $3.98!