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How To Control Frizz And Static In Your Hairstyle

It seems that regardless of the time of year, the weather makes it difficult to keep hair looking its best. In the summer, high humidity, salt air, chlorine water, and the heat of the sun make hair frizzy. In the winter, low humidity, cold air and wind, along with wool coats and hats, cause hair to be filled with static and prone to fly away. There are some tips you can follow to keep hair frizz and static free throughout the year.


Overly dry hair causes many problems, including static and frizz. Use a moisturizing shampoo with emu oil. One tip to avoid drying out your hair is to choose shampoos that don’t contain harsh ingredients, such as surfactants. Surfactants give shampoos their lathering ability and they also deep clean hair. This may sound good, but surfactants also strip hair of the oils that are meant to protect hair from damage. Without oils to protect your hair, hair is more likely to break off, causing frizz. Oil also protects your hair from the elements and the drying effects of heat styling. Examples of surfactants to avoid that are commonly found in shampoos include sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

Conditioning is another important step in keeping hair hydrated to avoid frizz and static. Depending on your hair type, there are many different conditioners to choose from. Your best bet in managing frizz and static is to choose one that is formulated for moisturizing hair. The label may call it another name, but conditioners that are formulated to help damaged, color treated, or dry hair are going to be moisturizing. Most conditioners contain ingredients that are humectants. These help hair absorb moisture, which prevents frizz. Conditioners also help give hair more weight, which is useful in fighting static and flyaway hair.

Styling Products

In the winter, if you use no styling products, you are almost guaranteed to have static. This is because of the dryness of the air as well as clothing, such as wool, is more prone to causing static electricity. Frizz is also a possibility if your hair becomes dry and damaged. Roughs cuticle makes hair appear damaged and frayed rather than smooth and shiny. A leave in conditioner is a good product for combating both frizz and static, and it works well with all hair types. Depending on the texture and length of your style, other products work well also. Finishing crèmes are helpful as well as spray gels. One of the best products for controlling frizz is Argan oil. It provides immediate moisture, helps protect from damage (splitting and frizzing) from heated styling appliances (flat irons, curling irons, heated curlers), and significantly reduces drying time.

Change Your Routine

In addition to hydrating your hair and using styling products to eliminate frizz and static, you should avoid doing things to your hair that increase static and frizz. One common routine for many people that increases frizz is rough towel drying. If you rub your hair vigorously with a towel, you can damage the cuticle and cause breaking and split ends, contributing to frizz. Lightly blot hair rather than using rough drying action and consider using a microfiber cloth or even a cotton t-shirt rather than a towel. Avoid blow-drying and heat styling as much as possible because heat dries out hair, making it more prone to static electricity. Using an > works great. Finally, use a natural bristled brush rather than one with plastic bristles that is more likely to cause static.
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