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How Often To Wash African American Hair?

Generally washing your hair daily is sufficient for normal hair types and with regular hair shampoo. For dry, such as black or African American hair, shampooing everyday may dry-out follicles and scalp.

Alternating shampoos is recommended. If you have particularly dry hair, you may want to use a moisturizing shampoo every other day. The one exception is if you have dermatitis. Dermatitis is usually the result of excess sebum - hair oils - and may require a shampoo that regulates sebum - or you may need to shampoo twice per day for control.Washing Black African American Hair

Everyday we put a tremendous wear on our hair. The sun, wind, elements, chlorine, heat drying and even hormones can deplete hair of vital nutrition that the root of the hair needs to grow. Remember that hair, skin and fingernails are the 3 fastest growing cells on the body and today's diet is just not getting it done!

In addition to Hair Vitamins we recommend vitamin shampoo. it can be used as a daily shampoo or it can be rotated with other shampoos such as emu oil shampoo (that provides the vital essential acids also known as omega 3's) or it can be rotated with Follicleanse, a deep cleansing shampoo that helps to cleanse the root of the hair.

This is extremely important and should be done on a regular basis. Vitamin shampoo provides hair with vitamin precursors so that your hair gets the basic building blocks for making a great hair. We also recommend using ProFolla Silk hair products for coarse, Black and African American hair types. All ProFolla Silk shampoos contain LustrePlex that was developed to improve shine, moisture, strength and control bad effects of humidity (read frizz).

How Often to Wash Black Hair & African American Hair?

Black hair can be different, it is more coarse and oily there for does not need washed as often. Black hair is most commonly washed around every 3-4 days on an average basis.

While many women wash their hair every day, this is not the healthiest option for most types and is generally a very bad idea for African American hair. The problem is that when you wash your hair too often, it will become drier, so for people with hair that is already fairly dry, such as African Americans this can be very damaging. There is no one rule for how often you should clean your hairdo up because every African American woman has slightly different textures. Because of this, the recommended frequency of scrubbing can range from every day to every few days to longer still.


There are several factors that affect how frequently you should wash your hair and many of these are the same universally. The difference is that because African American strands tend to be drier, you should place more consideration on these factors. First you need to consider how dry yours is.ProFolla Silk Moisture shampoo for Black and African American Hair

If it is strong, it may get away with daily washing (with a moisturizing shampoo - we recommend ProFolla Silk Moisture Shampoo for Black hair) but this isnít recommended. If it breaks very easily, you should wait several days before soaping up.... You also need to consider how many products you use and whether your strands are dirty. Dirty locks should always be washed no matter how dry it is, even if this is frequent.

Who Should Wash It Every Few Days?

There are some African Americans that should wash theirs every few days and that includes those with very short hair, those with oily locks, those who have dandruff or other medical conditions that require frequent washing and those who exercise daily or do a great deal of physical activity at work. Those with oily strands can get away with frequently scrubbing it because daily washing may deplete the oil. Those who do a great deal of physical activity should wash theirs frequently because it is more likely to become dirty.

Who Should Do It Weekly?

One of the most common answers for how often to wash African American hair (or curly strands) is once a week. That is because curly strands and African American hair in general has less of a tendency to get oily than other hair types and this means that less dirt will be attached. In addition, this is usually the time at which the strands will start to feel very dry and dirty.

Who Should Take Care Of Theirs Every 3 to 4 Weeks?

As hard as it is to believe, there are actually some people who should only do theirs every three to four weeks. This works well for those with medium to long hair (which is over 9 inches) and hair that isnít very oily. This is because as mentioned above, when it has less oil; there is less dirt because dirt attaches to the oil. Therefore if yours isnít oily and you live in a clean fashion, you can probably wait a few weeks to wash it. Keep in mind that for every option just because you arenít suds-ing up your hair doesnít mean you canít rinse it with plain water when you need to.
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