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Hair Vitamins

Healthier, Faster Growing Hair!
Our best vitamins for hair growth, hair loss, thinning and strengthening. B-complex supplements provide a balanced blend of minerals and nutrients to get your hair growing while improving shine, reducing splitting and breaking, and reducing dryness! Delivers nutrition for faster and healthier hair growth.

Best Hair Vitamins - Hair Nutrition Vitamins

A complete B-complex supplement developed specifically for hair health! Vitamin B-12, Niacin, Biotin and over 14 proteins, minerals and nutrients clinically proven to improve hair growth, strength, shine and thickness!

All-natural, easy to swallow pills provide the daily, dietary support your hair needs! Great for skin and fingernails too! These are great vitamins for targeting thicker hair and for general hair nutrition!
  • Complete vitamin, mineral & protein complex for healthy hair!
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Biotin
  • Saw Palmetto
Our vitamins target hair growth and slow growing hair while improving manageability and softness. Helps with split-ends and breaking by helping follicles retain moisture and hydration! Hair Nutrition Vitamins for healthier hair!

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ProFolla Silk Hair Nourishment Vitamins ProFolla Silk Hair Nourishment Vitamins

Hair vitamin supplements for Black, Ethnic & African American hair! Get faster growing, more manageable hair! For ethnic, black & African-American hair styles and types! B-Complex (B-12, + B-7), amino acids & minerals  strength, luster, smoothness and moisture!

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Why Choose Vitamins for My Hair?

Vitamins and minerals play a key role in our health. Whether we're discuss muscle development, bone mass, energy or controlling weight, proper nutrition is the fuel for a healthy body.

The same is true of our hair. Follicles are built via protein bonds, amino acids, and a healthy dose of B-complex vitamins that are fundamental to establishing or improving shine, strength, growth and resisting frizz, humidity and breaking.

While many daily supplements provide balanced nutrition, hair vitamins are developed specifically with a blend of nutrients shown to increase protein bonding and keratin - a vital component of both hair and nails. Just as you would consider supplements for pets to increase shiny coat, reduce shedding, or address skin/tissue problems, the same benefits hold true for us.

Balanced supplements enhanced with those nutrients vital to our scalp and hair can help address slower growth, loss of shine (dullness), temporary shedding, thinning and loss, and excessive breaking or frizz. Additionally, many hair vitamin compounds also provide or meet daily recommended intake of other key nutrients for a healthy bodily function.