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Hair Gel For Fantastic Hair Styles

In the olden days, people didn’t have hair gels and styling aids and they had to contend with the same hairstyle over and over again. They had very limited choices when it comes to styling their hair: Short, long, tied or untied. Boring.

But now, everything is instant! Through effective hair care products you can have the hairstyle and keep the hairstyle you want. And this is all possible because of hair gels. This wonderful hair product comes in various strengths, colors and fragrances. All you need is a little practice in hairstyling and you can achieve that all natural look with very little effort.
nourish swell gel styling hair gel for men and women
Thousands of hair styling products are available in the market today. Of the many choices, most men still prefer the age old hair gel. This sticky substance is stronger than hair spray and can last a whole day. It is also easy to rinse off.

In choosing the right hair gel, always take note of the ingredients the manufacturer used in producing their product. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients by performing a very simple patch test. Take a small amount of the gel and put it in the underside of your arm. If redness occurs, then you are allergic to it.

It is also important that the ingredients do not contain alcohol-based compounds that could rob your hair of its natural moisture. A good gel should keep your hair moisturized and should contain conditioners. There are still some hair gels that contain a little alcohol in their ingredients but this should not be their main ingredient.

Some gels have sunscreen to give extra protection from the UV rays of the sun. They may even have added vitamins and minerals to make your hair healthier. If you find one that has these qualities, and you like their product, then by all means use it.

Hair gels are easier applied to towel-dried damp hair because they are mostly water based. A simple manipulation of the hair with your fingers will usually do the trick. Do not get one big blob of gel because the bulk of the concentration will be in one area alone and it is difficult to spread. Instead, apply it in small amounts until you get the desired style. Using a blow dryer to hasten the evaporation of the water will do the trick keeping your hair style the same the whole day. You can also air dry it naturally to keep that “wet look” style.

Always remember that hair gel is heavy. So if have long hair and you want to use gel, then avoid applying it to the ends as it will weigh it down and give a dull, dead look.

Hair gels are an excellent choice for thinner hair. It can easily give you that voluminous look without much effort in styling. But using gels on thick hair will require a bit of effort and blow drying. But once it is in place, it will stay in place.
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Keeping The Curl Mousse Keeping The Curl Mousse

Keeping the Curl Mousse reduces static electricity while providing nutrition and shine. Post foaming Gel-Mousse for curl volumizing, texturizing & scrunching. Maximum control for curly or wavy hairstyles!

List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $12.95
You save $5.05!
Nourish Swell Gel Nourish Swell Gel

Styling gel  for medium to firm hold. Ideal for blow drying or wet styling, botanically enriched. Gives a flexible, strong-hold good for any hair type. Transparent, alcohol-free formula. Ideal for short hair styles on women and men.

List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $13.99
You save $1.01!
Hair Pomade Hair Pomade

Hair Pomade is a flexible alternative to styling gels. This protein enriched pomade gives any hair type hold, shine and control. Alcohol and Paraben Free.

List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $13.99
You save $4.01!
Root Boost Root Boost

Excellent root booster for texture, lift & thickness.  Foam to lotion spray that is easy to control and direct where you want to place it.  Boosts lift, dimension, volume and style support. Ideal for thin or thinning hair for added volume and body!

List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $16.99
You save $5.01!