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Hair Breakage

Is Your Hair Breaking? There Is Still Hope!

Before you go about looking for hair products that can end incidents of hair breakage, you need to understand first why your strands easily break, even when you are not doing anything traumatizing to your locks. You know you suffer from hair that easily breaks when you notice that the ends of the strands seem to be frizzy (even if your hair is naturally straight) or when it seems the strands become thinner towards the parts that touch your shoulders though the root part seems to be rather thick. If this applies to you, you may be a victim of chronic hair breakage. There is a solution!

Your hair may break because you submit it to many hair salon treatments like coloring and perming which are known to damage follicles eventually, even if you use products that are supposed to protect the strands. Another reason could be that your follicles do not grow into healthy strands because you lack appropriate nutrition. This is actually more common than many people think, because many of us are not taught that the root and shaft need to grow into well-nourished strands.

Prevention & Repair

Healthy Hair Plus may have the solution to your undernourished roots, since it offers a range of hair care products that all aim to reduce and maybe even completely eliminate hair breakage incidents. Its Vitamin Shampoo contains more than 16 kinds of amino acids which are known to be essential for proper growth. Hair that has the right level of amino acids content will not break easily because the strands are tough enough to withstand regular daily activities (like combing and drying.)

Another product known as Keeping the Color Shampoo helps provide extra proteins to your hair strands which have been permed or colored. Color-treated hair is vulnerable to hair breakage because the color treatment process weakens the hair strands. This is why color-treated hair requires a different shampoo from regular hair.

After you shampoo with the appropriate product, you will need to use a good conditioner to provide additional protection. If you condition, the strands will not only feel softer and smoother, but the right conditioner will provide further care. Silk Protein Conditioner from Healthy Hair Plus helps absorb amino acids and proteins that should further prevent increasing tendencies of breakage. It is recommended that you use this conditioner three times to seven times a week for best results.

The Healthy Hair Plus line of hair care products also offers you a leave-in conditioner called Root Food Fortifier Conditioner. This product aims to supply any necessary protein chains to the outer shaft . It is best used for over processed (such as those which have undergone one too many perms or hair coloring treatments.) It is recommended for use with the Vitamin Shampoo and the Silk Protein Conditioner.

Improving Your Hair's Health

Of course, after you have stepped out of the shower, many of us have to undergo the mandatory blow drying session so that we do not leave the house with wet hair. To protect strands from the damage wrought by too much heat from the blow dryer, you can opt for the Thermal Protector Styling Spray. You spray this product onto your wet strands, then proceed to style your as usual.

And last, but not least, there is the long-term hair care product called Hair Nutrition Vitamins. You take this product rather than apply it, because we all know that what is applied on the outside should be complemented by healing from the inside out as well. This product has the complete group of B vitamins, more than 15 amino acids, and magnesium and zinc which are known to help absorb the proteins.

Use these products regularly so that you too can enjoy soft, silky, healthy hair and eliminate hair breakage. Your locks are your crowning glory, so it is only wise to take care of it. Read about other hair care tips.

The Best Prevention for Hair Breakage

Thermal Protector by Nourish Hair Products is one of the best tools in your styling bag to prevent hair from breaking and becoming damaged!

Thermal Protector is a heat-activated styling spray that provides a protective, non-greasy coating to the follicle shaft allowing flat irons to slide effortlessly - avoiding tearing, breaking and snapping. Thermal Protector infuses topical moisture to the follicle sheath and improves drying time and guards from heat damage caused by blow drying.
  • Protects from flat iron and blow dryer heat damage
  • Provides a protective, conditioning that reduces breakage
  • Improves styling and manageability
  • Reduces breaking, tearing, split-ends and frizz
  • Non-sticking, lubricating styling spray
A must have to quiet frizz and keep hair healthy from root to tip. Protects hair from heat damage from flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers Non-stick formulation adds smooth, silky softness Reduces and prevent frizz and split-ends

Thermal Protector is excellent thermal hair spray for curling irons, hot and velcro rollers. This non-sticking thermal protectant prevents hair damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools. Hair is left brushable and volumized.

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Nourish Deep Treatment Conditioner Deep Treatment

Our best conditioning deep treatment for damaged, distressed or breaking hair! Restores health, moisture, and helps repair damage from heat, UVA/UVB, chemical treatments and perms. Helps repair frizz, controls breaking, and adds body and volume.

List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $16.95
You save $3.05!
Root Food Deep Conditioning Treatment Root Food Conditioning Treatment

Root Food deep conditioner treatment for all hair types! Nourishing, aromatherapy packed spheres condition, soothe and re-texturize. Even damaged hair will look and feel healthier, shinier and more lustrous. Excellent frequent-use hair treatment!

List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $16.75
You save $5.25!
Dry or Brittle Hair Kit Dry or Brittle Hair Kit

Dry or Brittle Hair Kit - Effective shampoo & conditioner for moisturizing, strengthening and improving pliability of chronically dry, brittle, parched, and breaking hair. Infuses moisture, adds silk protein shine & protection, moistens to improve elasticity and tensile strength.

List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $23.95
You save $11.05!
Hair Breakage Kit Hair Breakage Kit

Hair Breakage Kit for breaking, damaged, frizzy & splitting hair! Our best products and treatments to help repair and prevent breaking, tearing and splitting. Moisturizes, improves strength and shine, and repairs damage due to heat, chemical and color treatments.

List Price: $80.00
Our Price: $72.99
Sale Price: $59.99
You save $20.01!
Kepatos Greek Keratin Intense Masque Kepatos Greek Keratin Intense Masque

Keratin-infused deep treatment for exceptional repair of damaged, dry, weak or frizzy hair. Ideal for periodic at-home keratin treatments. Smooths, restores shine and moisture. Paraben-free & straightener safe!

List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $24.99
You save $5.01!

Breaking Hair? The Big No-No's

Dealing with breaking, weakness, and poor control are near the top of the list when customers call us. Often we find that technique and the products used play a big role in this all-to-common problem; but of course, there are other factors, namely chemical treatments and heat - both of which can dry-out the scalp, pores and hair follicles. Here are a few tips and some quick advice to reduce breaking:

  • If breaking is or has been a chronic problem, stay away from chemical treatments. They strip oils, dry-out the scalp and hair, and re-arrange the protein bonds in the follicle shaft. Chemical treatments - coloring, straightening, perms, etc can leave your style straw-like and very brittle.
  • Avoid blow dryers, flat irons and straighteners and heated curling irons and curlers. I know for most of us, this is asking a lot, but a few months laying-off the heated styling utensils can help a lot
  • Stay moisturized - use conditioners and shampoos with Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil and/or panthenol. If you have a color treatment, look for a good sulfate-free brand.