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Flat Irons and Curly Hair Damage

Avoiding hair damage while using a flat iron can be difficult. The intense heat generated from flat irons can destroy healthy proteins and re-position the material, chemical and structural makeup of follicles.

Though having straight, smooth, and shiny hair is a wonderful thing, you should be careful to not over-style and to take protective measures to ensure you maintain healthy hair.

Heat applied when straightening may cause damage or breakage, it is important to use high quality flat irons when you straighten and to supplement styling with proper hair care designed to protect and enhance your hair.

First, begin by using proper shampoos and conditioners that provide proteins, moisturizers and vitamins. Silk Protein Conditioner and Vitamin Shampoo prepare hair for styling, heat, straightening, or curling by providing enriched protein chains to follicles and adding rejuvenating vitamins. Heat kills nutrients and it is important to prepare hair as much as possible before curling or straightening.

Second, applying a Thermal Protector Spray helps protect from intense and damaging heat by coating the shaft with a protective, gentle barrier. Thermal Protector binds topically applied proteins before styling and helps enhance smooth, silky hair, while protecting health and follicle structure.

Third, don’t go cheap on flat irons. There are many on the market, and making an investment in a high quality flat iron is just that – an investment. Less expensive irons use metal plates which damage hair and burn. Metal does not heat evenly causing hot spots that burn and damage (beyond repair). They have a tendency to pull and resist movement when hot – just as an iron sticks to clothing when set at a temperature higher than recommended for the fabric.

Ceramic flat irons are your best bet.

They negatively charge hair follicles by making them more responsive to straightening requiring less heat. Also, ceramic heats evenly, is often heat-controlled – significantly lowering the threat of heat damage, infuses positive ions (ionic) and protects if you by mistake use the iron with wet hair (by the way, that’s called “steaming” your hair – not good!!). They give smooth, straight and silky appearance to your hair.

Finally, as a final protective, use a leave-in conditioner after styling. Root Food leave-n conditioner has been formulated to restore minerals and nutrients and proteins after drying or using an iron. Root Food helps repair split ends, eliminate frizz and give an extra glossy shine and smoothness.

When using a flat iron for styling, make sure that your hair is completely dry because if it is damp or wet, your hair will be 'steamed' and the strands will be damaged.

Once you have the perfect combination of flat iron and heat resistant hair products, you can go ahead and have fun styling to get that slick, perfectly-straight and smooth hairstyle that you can show off all day.

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