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Essentials of Treating Oily Hair

Having oily hair can be irritating. Oily hair can be limp, hard to style and difficult to manage and generally, looks unhealthy.

Using a shampoo for oily hair is one of the best defenses to fight excess sebum production and to maintain beautiful hair. Follicleanse is our best-selling hair product for oily hair and it does an excellent job regulating the sebaceous gland that emits scalp oils.

An adequate solution for oily hair is to either remove oil from the hair or control oil production with shampoos formulated to limit or slow sebum production. Most shampoos do an acceptable job removing built-up oil or dirt, but you can inadvertently complicate your situation by using conditioners that infuse too much moisture.follicleanse for treating oily hair

Conditioners should be applied to the tips of the hair where most hair damage occurs. It is possible to control split-ends, frizzy hair and fly-away, hard to manage hair by focusing on the ends of the follicles rather than massaging conditioners to down to the scalp. In fact, some conditioners may in fact promote oil production or irritate – complicating the problem further.

Follicleanse is formulated with natural botanicals that deep clean the hair and scalp. Additionally, Zinc PCA is used to regulate the sebaceous gland, the subcutaneous gland that is part of the hair structure. Over-active glands can be a result of several factors, but regulating its output often results in clean, fresh scalp and follicle development.

Additionally, No Weight Conditioner is formulated to infuse moisture, repair the follicle sheath, and yet not weigh the hair down…leading to improved manageability, bounce, and fullness. It is a gentle, light weight conditioner and avoids irritation of the scalp, but makes managing hair easier - especially if you wear longer hair styles or wish to maintain larger curls. If your hair is chronically oily, you might consider using no conditioner at all, however.

Finally, watching your diet may be very helpful. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoiding alcohol, and drinking plenty of water help regulate over-active glands. Eating junk foods such as burgers, fries, hotdogs, chips, and sweets add additional oils to the body.

Other than using hair products formulated for oily hair, consider these helpful tips:
  • Massage you scalp regularly
  • Avoid using products heavy in oil base
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Wash your hair regularly, daily if necessary
  • Use hair shampoo with Zinc PCA
Eliminating oily hair is possible with the right hair care products, a balanced diet, and proper and regular hygiene. If your problem is chronic, excessive or unsolvable, you might consider consulting a dermatologist or other hair professional for advice.

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