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Emu Oil for Hair Loss, Skin & Scalp Issues
Emu Oil for Hair Loss, Skin & Scalp Issues

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Emu Oil for Hair Loss, Skin & Scalp Issues 100% Grade A, AEA Certified Emu Oil. Natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Phospholipid free, ensuring deep penetration into the skin or scalp.

Used successfully in the treatment of,
  • Hair Loss
  • Skin disorders
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Open wounds or sores
  • Burns
  • Diaper Rash
  • Muscle aches & pains
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Emu Oil for Hair Loss, Skin & Scalp Issues
100% Grade A, AEA Certified Emu Oil

enhanced with Vitamin E for it's natural antioxidant properties

In our on-going search for the best & most effective health care solutions, - we are absolutely confidant in the numerous benefits of Emu Oil for well cared Hair, Skin, and Scalp!

Emu Oil is an almost completely neutral lipid (close to 100% triglyceride), researchers have found that is penetrates the human skin easily as it is phospholipid - free. Phospholipids are constructed in a way which prevents skin penetration, Emu Oil however is phospholipid-deficient and therefore has deep penetration into the skin making it the perfect "carrier" for added medicinal materials.

Even in it's pure state, Emu Oil has multiple benefits on hair, skin and scalp!

This natural product is without a doubt one of the safest & kindest hair loss remedies on the market as the deep-penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties regenerate skin cells, repair DNA all the while promoting new healthy hair growth. Many hair loss remedies work sufficiently on the vertex (the top of the head) however slow results have been found on the frontal hairline. Emu Oil is proven to have as effective results on both the vertex and the front hairline - an overall solution!

Key Advantages of Emu Oil

Emulsifying properties whereby oil and water are blended together, making a cream that isn't oily or greasy to the touch. Deep penetration through the skin barrier without leaving an oily residue, unlike other leading brands of hair-loss remedies. It is Bacteriostatic, preventing the growth of bacterial organisms. A long shelf life (pure pharmaceutical grade A emu oil) Targeted use results in a repair of and protection against hair thinning. Proven to soothe and heal without causing any form of irritation of the skin or scalp - even at full strength use.

Emu Oil and Hair Health

Creating optimum conditions for healthy hair growth has never been easier. Start off with a small amount of Pure Emu Oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub together and apply directly to the scalp and massage in for 1 minute. This is going to help promote new healthy hair growth. If you are using emu oil with any other products that have active ingredients in them you are going to want to use them before the emu oil so that the emu oil can carry those actives deeper down for maximum results - since emu oil is such an amazing carrier oil as well!

For a total scalp treatment, apply the Pure Emu Oil one drop at a time directly to the scalp. Using a comb, part your hair one section at a time and apply the oil droplet to the scalp. Massage the emu oil around the area in which it has been applied to, ultimately ensuring that either your entire scalp (if so desired) or a particular portion of the scalp is covered.

We suggest covering your hair with a warm towel and letting the treatment work for at least five minutes. Some clients have even left the product in their hair overnight, either covered by a towel or shower cap. Either option you choose you will need to wash the hair and scalp after the treatment.

For optimum results we suggest using our Emu Oil Shampoo and then our Emu Oil Conditioner.

Emu Oil and Skin Health

As with hair care routine, only a small amount is needed initially. Pump a little Pure Emu Oil directly to the targeted area or use a clean swab to apply the Pure Emu Oil to the area being treated. One drop of Emu Oil will cover an area the size of the back of your hand. Use this to decide on how much product you'll need in accordance with the amount of skin you are treating. Gently rub the product in to the desired area, a deep massage is not necessary as the Emu Oil will be naturally absorbed into the skin. Your skin should not feel oily or greasy when you have completed the steps above; if you find an oily residue then we suggest reducing the amount of product for the next treatment.

Pure Emu Oil can be used in the treatment of skin conditions and wounds apply the drops directly to the troubled area and apply a sterile dressing or bandage.

Emu Oil is Good for New Tattoos

  • Emu oil has been found to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, which can help prevent your tattoo from getting infected.

  • The healing properties of emu oil also help your tattoo to retain maximum color and definition as it heals, and prevents scabbing and scarring, this will reduce the need for future touch-ups.

  • The naturally-occurring antioxidants found in emu oil promote powerful anti-inflammation at the new tattoo, which will reduce tenderness, redness, and swelling.

  • Unlike most moisturizers and salves, such as Aquaphor & Vasoline, emu oil contains no synthetic or harmful ingredients that may negatively affect the healing process.

  • Importantly, emu oil moisturizes skin without clogging pores, and it still allows your skin to breathe, promoting optimal oxygenation and cellular repair. Many people notice that using emu oil helps their tattoo heals faster, and makes it less itchy, dry and flaky. This is due to emu oil's essential fatty acids, which deeply penetrate all 7 layers of the skin, including the depth of the tattoo ink.
  • A natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & anti-microbial. Gentle on the skin and scalp (non-irritant).