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Effects And Symptoms Of Biotin Deficiency

To understand symptoms you might see when there is a deficiency with biotin you need to understand what this vitamin is. It has several names, coenzyme R, vitamin H and vitamin B7. When you hear about vitamin B complex, biotin is one of the eight powerful vitamins that comprise it and a deficiency can affect you in several ways.

In the body its job is to assist with metabolizing proteins into amino acids and carbohydrates and fats into glucose. Currently there arenít reliable tests to prove there is a deficiency in this vitamin so most are left to relying on diagnosing their symptoms and then supplementing. Consider these top symptoms of biotin deficiency and how they might have an effect on a person.biotin vitamins

  • Keratoconjunctivitis - This is a condition that will afflict the eyes. It happens when a body doesnít have enough biotin and their body has a lowered immunity that shows with defects in T and B cells. It can cause a reduced count of cells and therefore the inability to fight off viruses or bacteria. It presents with eye conjunctivitis.
  • Paresthesia - In this condition a person who is suffering from a deficiency in biotin may experience tingling sensations similar to that of Ďfalling asleep,í in their hands, feet, arms and legs. It can be followed by numbness and become quite uncomfortable.
  • Hair Loss - While it is true that any normal person will experience an average hair loss, those suffering from deficiency in biotin will experience abnormal hair loss. This may mean your dozen or so hairs in the hair brush have increased to an entire handful. You may see your hair breaking and becoming visibly thinner.
  • Lethargy And Depression - Because biotin is so closely linked to metabolism itís not unusual for a deficiency in this vitamin to present in the form of a lack of energy or depression. This is commonly seen in combination with other symptoms such as muscle pain or hair loss.
  • Muscle Pain - Deep rooted muscle pain, nerve pain and cramps have all been associated with a lack in vitamin B7, this is thought to be because of the relationship between the vitamin and the metabolic process.
  • Skin Problems - One of the most common and often undiagnosed symptoms associated with biotin deficiencies is that of dry skin, rashes and seborrheic dermatitis. These can be seen alone or in combination with eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. The belief for symptoms presenting in this manner is also closely linked to the integral part biotin plays in the metabolic process.

How To Treat Deficiencies

If you see these symptoms itís important to treat right away. The reason for this is that if left untreated the symptoms can grow more severe such as nervous conditions, hallucinations and other mental stresses.

You can choose to add certain foods to your diet like cooked, free-range eggs, beef, peanuts, brown rice, walnuts, cheese, soybeans and milk. There are occasions that getting it through food simply isnít enough and in this case choosing a high quality supplement can help to speed the process. Itís important to note that it is a water soluble biotin vitamin so overdosing is near impossible

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