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Dry Hair Shampoo and Treatments Testimonials

Dry hair and dry scalp testimonials give you direct customer feedback as to the effectiveness of products for dry hair. Soothe itchy, dry scalp and dry hair. Add life to fly away, limp or lifeless hair, while moisturizing.

Here are a few select comments that reflect how many of our customers feel related to our products for dry hair.

As you may be aware, Healthy Hair Plus has a history of focusing on the most effective shampoos, conditioner, styling aids and skin care available. Please feel free to visit each individual product to read in-depth reviews.

"I have had a dry itchy scalp for almost 4 years. I have tried dermatologist products for dry, itchy scalp and I have tried other salon products. Your Emu Shampoo and Emu Conditioner worked for long periods of time while many of the others only worked the day that I used them. Great Shampoo!."

"Emu shampoo is great. You should sell it in the salons!"

"My dry scalp has been flaking and bothering me for nearly 5 years. Your shampoo stopped it in just 2 weeks. I love it!"

"I have had a dry,, red scalp for a long time. I have tried various dandruff shampoos that did not work for me. Your Emu Shampoo worked in just a few weeks. Great shampoo."

"This is great hydrating shampoo. i just figured that I had dandruff but now I know that it was just dry scalp."

"Emu shampoo is truly the best shampoo for dry hair. I don't have near the frizzy hair that I did."

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So Strong Leave In Conditioner So Strong Leave-In Conditioner

Our best-selling leave-in, spray-on conditioner for strength and shine. Increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling. Great with flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers and curlers. Creates shine without weight while adding super strength. Detangles, strengthens, smooths and guards against damage!

List Price: $16.00
Our Price: $12.99
You save $3.01!
Emu Oil Shampoo Emu Shampoo

Emu Oil Shampoo formulated with 100%, Grade A Emu Oil. Excellent for adding moisture & hydration to dry, brittle, lifeless hair. Adds body, volume & superb manageability. Improves moisture content & hydration. Natural anti-bacterial properties for improved hair & scalp health.

List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $14.99
You save $3.01!
Nourish Deep Treatment Conditioner Deep Treatment

Our best conditioning deep treatment for damaged, distressed or breaking hair! Restores health, moisture, and helps repair damage from heat, UVA/UVB, chemical treatments and perms. Helps repair frizz, controls breaking, and adds body and volume.

List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $16.95
You save $3.05!
Pure Organic Jojoba Oil Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil helps moisture our skin, treat skin disorders, balance our oil production, reduce wrinkles and fine line, helps reduce acne break- outs, cleanses the skin, helps heal dry, cracked skin, promotes healthy nails and growth, makes your lips soft, reduces under - eye dark circles, and reduces pregnancy stretch marks.

List Price: $25.00
Our Price: $16.99
You save $8.01!
Dry or Brittle Hair Kit Dry or Brittle Hair Kit

Dry or Brittle Hair Kit - Effective shampoo & conditioner for moisturizing, strengthening and improving pliability of chronically dry, brittle, parched, and breaking hair. Infuses moisture, adds silk protein shine & protection, moistens to improve elasticity and tensile strength.

List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $23.95
You save $11.05!
Emu Shampoo & Conditioner Emu Shampoo & Conditioner

Emu Shampoo and Conditioner ~ Super-moisturizing for the scalp and dry, fly-away hair. Excellent for adding moisture, helping repair heat or chemical damage, hair breakage & split-ends! Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, Panthenol, Jojoba Oil, and 100%, Grade A Emu Oil. Adds body and manageability.

List Price: $37.00
Our Price: $27.99
You save $9.01!