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Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff Home Remedies and Shampoo Treatments

Is there a cure for dandruff? I don't Know but I found out to eliminate any dandruff from my scalp! The use of select ingredients, essential oils, and natural-based surfactants can help improve scalp condition - aiding in the effort to keep dandruff and its symptoms at bay!

THYME, SAGE, FENUGREEK AND MORE FOR DANDRUFF!Follicleanse shampoo for dandruff

Though it sounds like a tagline, Thyme, sage and Fenugreek have been shown help calm itching, flaking and irritation...helping provide relief to scaling and itchiness. Dandruff is the presence of small white flakes that appear on the scalp and in the hair. It is caused by the excessive shredding of outermost cells. Poor blood circulation, improper diet, un-cleanliness, strong shampoo and insufficient rinsing of hair after shampooing can also lead to dandruff.

In considering a solution to dandruff symptoms, it's important to understand symptoms are generally caused by one of two factors

Dandruff Types - Is There More Than One??

There are two types of dandruff. A dry type and a greasy or waxy type. Dry dandruff can be caused by a number of things. Like I said before, poor blood circulation can cause it. Also a lack of nerve stimulation. Other causes are emotional disturbance, not producing enough sufficient oil and glandular disturbances.

There are a few main ways to treat dry dandruff.

One is scalp treatment also known as ozone treatment. Herbal shampoos and hot oil treatments have also been shown to help dandruff. People experiencing dry dandruff can also use an antiseptic lotion or try a henna treatment. Dandruff remedies come in several forms. What we have found most effective is irrigating scalp pores to remove oils, dirt and residue from product usage. Fundamentally, dry dandruff comes from a dry scalp - a lack of hydration or moisture, or lack of natural oils that coat the scalp. So, one of the best way to alleviate flaking and itching is to help restore normal oil secretions; two, add hydration topically to the hair and scalp; or three, help unclog follicle pores that may be packed with debris - contaminants, dirt, grime, bacteria or yeast (infection).

The second type of dandruff is called greasy or waxy dandruff. This type is mixed with sebum which causes the scalp to be itchy. Bleeding and oozing may also occur if the scales are torn.

The best way to treat and get rid of greasy or waxy dandruff is to keep the scalp clean. You can also do oil massages twice a week. Herbal treatments are also good for the scalp. You can massage oils like rosemary, cedar, lemon and eucalyptus into the scalp. Or, you can use coconut oil which will also help your hair to grow. You boil the coconut oil with small onions and apply it to your hair then wash it off with a mixture of green gram powder and water drained from cooked rice.

You can also apply almond oil and gooseberry juice using your fingertips. Another thing you can make at home is a paste of fenugreek and mustard. Then mix them with juice of neem leaves and apply it to the scalp. It is also good to avoid fatty foods and red meat if you can. All of these treatments help to reduce flaking and itching.

Dandruff is not pleasant and can put a real damper on one’s everyday life. So, if you are suffering from dandruff of either type try some this dandruff shampoo or treatments. Most as easy to do and can be made at home in a matter of minutes. Your hair will be left looking shiny and healthy. Not to mention you will not have to worry anymore about flaky, itchy dandruff.

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