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Curly Updos | Curly Hair Styles

Curls are always a good solution for creating any type of special event hair style from Homecoming to weddings and proms. Whether they are perfectly styled or casually finished, curls provide instant body and movement for hair.

With just a little bit of length, you can create a variety of different stunning updos and hairstyles using your fingers, heated irons, hot rollers or a diffuser. The only thing that can limit the outcome of your curly updo is your imagination and your willingness to experiment with different looks and styles.

Whether you start with curls that are natural, courtesy of Mother Nature, or from man-made curls, curly updos require a lot more care than wearing your hair straight. Curls instantly dress up any length of hair from very short to very long.

If you were not blessed with naturally curly hair you still can create a curly updo. You have the option to get a perm to lock in a specific type of curl or use rollers or hot curling tools. Whatever the case may be curls can offer lots of different looks for updos.

Contrasting Textures - Smooth & Curly

The first updo style is a classic look for curly hair. Create this look by using a variety of headbands that tightly holds the curls smoothly against the scalp. After the crown is tightly secured allow your curls to billow out at the crown and gracefully flow down the nape of your neck.

As an option, you can pin the curls up on top of your head for an even more formal look. If wearing a headband is not dressy enough, you can use a circle of bobby pins (preferably the same color as your hair) to hold the hair back.

Arrange the curls so that they hide the hairpins by flowing over them. This style takes advantage of contrasting textures to create an extra special effect. If you have naturally curly or permed hair you can create well defined curls by dividing hair into equal sections and drying the curls with a diffuser attachment set to the lowest coolest setting.

Use your fingers to carefully form the ringlets or the curls as you dry the sections. If your hair is straight or wavy, you can still create the look by using a small barrel curling iron. After you have secured your crown hair with a band or pins, use the curling iron to create the curls and ringlets. Another option is to pull a few ringlets from the crown area to form little curls that frame the face and the neck. You can decorate this classic party style with an assortment of hair jewels such as floating hair gems, sparkly butterfly or bug clips or even some light glitter.

Sculpted Curls

If you have naturally curly or permed hair and want a special sculpted curl look, here's how. Use a medium to large barreled curling iron or medium sized hot rollers to form big fat curls.

After using the curling iron or rollers, allow your hair to completely cool. Once your hair is cool, form big fat curls and sculpt them to the top of your crown. Once you have formed the curls to your satisfaction you can pin them in place and spray them with a good hairspray. You also have the option to make thin curls that are twisted and/or knotted before they are pinned to the crown (see photo to the right). Curls can that are combined with knots and twists give hair an unusual and creative look. Curl configurations can range from just a few well placed fat curls to thinner curls that are carefully sculpted and pinned all over the crown.

Top Styling Tips

If you have naturally curly hair, keep your curls looking great with regular intensive conditioning treatments. If your hair is in great condition, it will behave better for special events when you want to put it up.

Before you blow dry your hair with either a diffuser or blow dryer be sure to use a good leave in conditioner or setting gel designed for your hair's texture. Spritz your finished up do lightly with a hair serum to eliminate frizz and keep curls looking fresh and well defined.

Depending on how soft and manageable your hair becomes, you may have more success creating the style if you shampoo your hair the day before you create the updo. Day old hair is usually a little easier to work with and is not as soft as newly washed hair.

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