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Hair Loss: How Cholesterol and Sebum Affect Hair Loss

We believe there are many different reasons for hair loss. Male pattern baldness is only one of the reasons and accounts for only 70% of hair loss. Cholesterol on the scalp, lack of certain aminos and vitamins, as well as poor circulation to certain parts of the scalp are but a few of the other...each of these is treatable with remarkable results.

Cholesterol and Sebum in the Follicle!

Done by using a microscope to examine the hair bulb and shaft. WHY?

Several aspects of the hair can tell us what the culprit is for your hair loss. Many times we find that it is nutrition and lack of circulation that cause the hair loss that comes at the hairline. Blood flow to the hair papllia can be deterred from reaching the hair for several reasons. Circulation to the scalp can lead to hair loss as well.

One of the major reasons of hair loss is a build up of cholesterol and sebum on the scalp, hair and bulb. A build up can cause the follicle opening to minimize with time. The hair becomes thinner over time and after many years ceases to grow. This process takes a a long time. unclogging the follicle can allow circulation/nutrition to return to the hair allowing growth.

There are products that can remove cholesterol and sebum on the scalp and help to unclog the follicle and allow the thin hairs to rejuvenate and look as if there has been re-growth. Cholesterol for hair came mean many negative things including hair loss or smelly scalp.

Our solution to solve this includes several points. First a supplement that is taken orally (a vitamin) that includes the proper balance of aminos and vitamins should be taken and then we suggest that s topical enhancer that promotes blood flow to that specific area should be applied. With out this enhancer nutrition will not reach the thinning area.

A follicle hair growth stimulator is also recommended for this particular case. Many times the shaft of the hair is not receiving the proper nutrition because the follicle is being squeezed or filled. A stimulator helps to alleviate this.

Today the medical community is turning more toward natural products. We agree with this assessment and promote natural products that have worked, however there are times when traditional medicine works very well.

We also believe that hair loss can be treated topically. There are several products that have proven to inhibit both 5-alpha-reductase1 and 2. Even medical drugs such as Propecia only inhibit one of the 5-alpha-reductase enzymes that convert it into DHT. There are products on the market that will stop the conversion of both the 1 and 2 enzymes of the 5-alpha-reductase. This has produced remarkable results for hair loss sufferers.

Determine the cause of your hair loss!

Most circulation enhancer products are not pharmaceuticals and all can be found in a vitamin store or on certain stores on the web. It is very important to note that some of the products that tout what they do are not actually as they advertise and can hurt your case not help it! We have tested many and found the right combination whether it be to remove the DHT from your scalp to stop male pattern baldness or help with circulation or to clear follicular plug.

These are especially effective products to solve female hair loss problems.

You must understand that just using a product such as Rogaine or Propecia may not solve your underlying problem and many times do not work at the hair line or on certain individuals. They may not be treating your underlying problem at all. By defining then addressing your actual problem, such as lack of proper nutrition to the follicle, you can stop and even reverse hair loss causing thin hairs to grow thick again.

What must first be done is a hair analysis! You will search until you are blue in the face for a product that will help you until you know the cause.

Remember we do not manufacture the products that we recommend nor do we sell them! We do believe that they are the best on the market based on client feedback and results. Over 90% success means that we are doing something right!