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Benefits of Olive Oil in Hair Products

Olive oil is a completely natural oil that is normally associated with cooking but has a wide range of uses. This oil is extracted from olives and can provide hair health benefits, in addition to flavoring your favorite dishes. While it is possible to use olive oil by itself, it is also a common ingredient in natural hair products because of its many benefits.

Hair Growth

One of the main benefits of olive oil is its ability to stimulate hair growth and prevent loss. Part of this is due to olive oilís ability to stop DHT hormones from narrowing the shaft of the follicle. The oil additionally contains many antioxidants which can help improve the health of the scalp. When the scalp is healthy it is better able to maintain the follicles.


In addition to promoting growth, olive oil whether alone or in a product can also help treat dandruff and similar conditions. Dandruff is usually due to skin that is flaky and dry but olive oil is able to moisturize the new skin. Olive oil additionally fights off the fungi and bacteria that can lead to dandruff in the first place.

Tames Frizz

Frizz is due to breakage and damaged strands that cause the individual segments of cuticle to lift instead of lying flat. Although frizz can be a serious problem for some people, products with olive oil can help significantly. That is because olive oil will weigh down the hair a bit to fight frizz. Additionally it will add moisture which can help repair the damage, allowing the cuticles to lie flat again.


Olive oil is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins A and E and because of this, products that contain it have the potential to seal moisture into hair shafts. Additionally, the olive oil can protect the hairís keratin proteins because of these antioxidants and vitamins. Keratin is an essential protein that is damaged when the strands experience breakage but olive oil can prevent this from occurring.

Increases Manageability

One of the main goals of any product is to make a personís locks more manageable and easier to style and olive oil is the perfect ingredient to achieve this goal. That is because hair that is the hardest to manage and style is dry and undernourished. By moisturizing as well as providing necessary vitamins and antioxidants, olive oil can repair these problems, making hair easier to style.


A final benefit associated with products that contain olive oil is their ability to increase the softness of strands. Certain hair types, especially those with frizzy curls or brittle ends, can benefit the most from this function. What is unique about olive oil is that while many conditioners contain extra silicone ingredients to provide softness, olive oil can produce the same results completely naturally so you donít have to worry about damaging your locks.

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